30 day braid challenge || Week O N E

I have been quite in love obsessed with braids this summer to say the least.  I do a braid almost every day and I am constantly trying new styles to see what I like on my hair.  I have filmed a couple short videos that I braid during but I cannot get the guts to actually include my voice, maybe one day but for right now its just a video with some super fun music.  I have been really into making videos of everything lately.  Archer, vacation, hair, etc.  I do it all the time and it is so fun to look back on our memories and actually see what we were doing rather then just looking at pictures.  So with that being said I decided to do a 30 day braid challenge on instagram.  Make sure to go follow me to get the insights of everything @tynshayyardley

day 1; I did a side dutch braid.  We were heading to the water park and I wanted my hair out of my face but to still look cute.  A dutch braid is super easy to do and turns out so cute in the end.

day 2; a classic dutch braid pulled back and pinned.  This is my favorite go to hairstyle that I do a lot.,  It really is so simple and it keeps my hair out of my face and takes about 3 minutes to whip out.  You can do it with curly hair, straight, wavey, etc.  It really is the best go to hair style for everyone

day 3; a simple dutch with a fishtail stacked.  This was super fun to do and experiment with!  I did a basic dutch braid and then did a fishtail and stacked it on top.  It creates dimension and adds a little flare to your plain ole dutch braid.

day 4; this one was a different twist on a fishtail dutch braid.  I did a dutch fishtail for about 2 inches then stopped and then re-started a fishtail.  It created more of an allusion on the braid and added a different design then just your regular fishtail braid

day5; knotted braid pulled back.  This braid took me literally like 1 minute to do.  It was SO simple and turned out so cute.  You have to have super soft hair for this one (freshly washed if your like me.) you are actually tying knots in your hair which turns out so cute

day 6; Today I went to the lake and had the cutest french braid but totally forgot to snap a picture before I got thrown of the tube and soaked myself so I decided to use one from another day!  This style i did on my best friend Kenadee when she came down to visit.  It turned out so cute and I have wanted to try it out forever.  I started with a dutch braid down the center and then fishtailed the sides back into a fishtail braid.  She got SO many compliment on this braid during the day and everyone loved it.

day 7; This style I did on my friend, Kenadee. But it starts out with a regular dutch braid down the back and then fishtail both sides back and tie off.  She got so many compliments on her hair and it turned out so cute!!

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