Tan for the summer ||

I recently stumbled across Loving Tan and decided to give their product a try because lets face it this summer I haven’t been on my tan game.  With a 5 month old my life has been kind of wild and I don’t have time to go to a tanning bad, sit out by our pool, or even get a spray tan.  Not to mention I am so not ready to show off this body in front of anyone so a spray tan was out of the running fast.  But I love to be tan, I love to have that summer glow that makes everyone think that I do have time to go out and go tanning HA!  Anyways, I decided to order this one and I got it in the mail and I had to try it!  I showered, exfoliated, shaved and jumped out and got started!  I have a applicator mitt found here that I use and it works SO good. I also purchased this to help exfoliate and I love it.  It makes my skin feel fresh and brand new.  I highly recommend purchasing an applicator mitt because that way your hands won’t go crazy colors.  This doesn’t make you orange, it doesn’t take long and it works really really well.  I love how my tan turned out and I got so many compliments and people telling me i looked way tan.

You start by showering, shaving and exfoliating.  Then you dry off (don’t use any products on your body), and start your tan!  Before I start I always put lotion on my ankles and wrists.  You can do your knees and elbows but I never have any trouble so I don’t.  Then you just pump it onto the mitt and start rubbing away.  Most the time I just do my legs and arms but if T is around I will have him do my back and such!  I also do my face every other time just to blend a bit.  Anyways, so after you apply it all on you just wait.  This is where I will read, watch tv, clean, etc. for two hours until it is set in.  Then after two hours you jump in and shower!  It reveals an awesome tan that’ll last for days and it really does look so natural.  It doesn’t turn you orange or anything! I promise that you will love how this turns out & will use this from now on!  To apply, it takes me about 10 minutes to slap it on!  It is so quick, and the bottle looks like it’ll last for a while.  This is my second time trying it and I still love it.

after applying —– regular white legs

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