What if I told you how easy it was to get whiter teeth? |

You read that right.  Getting whiter teeth was on my list of summer goals because face it, your teeth aren’t white. (well mine weren’t.)  Pregnancy did a number on my teeth and I mean that in a bad way. My body didn’t accept pregnancy well, and my teeth suffered it.  I guess that is what happens when you puke daily for 25 weeks.  At least, A was worth all that but still.  Anyways I stumbled upon a product on instagram call Smile Sciences.   I ordered one and started to use it and I saw such a huge difference in my teeth color.  I went from the shade 3.5 to a 2 within a week!  It worked SO well that I am ordering one for T and my mom.  I feel so much more confident in my teeth and having them be whiter.  They are normally $299 but you can grab yours for only $29 with my discount code: SHALYN

All you do is brush, then put a bit of gel into the trays, pop into your mouth and pull out the light and put in your mouth and I keep it in there for about 30 minutes.  Then I pop it out, brush and move on with my day!  It makes me feel so much better about my smile and not so self conscious.  You can choose from mint or bubblegum flavoring!  I have the mint but I will prob order a bubblegum just for the fun of it!  It comes in a box, with a teeth shade marker, the trays, a touch up pen, and the gel! 
With school starting you are going to want to get your teeth whiter, so head over to smile sciences (follow them on instagram as well) and pick yourself up a kit.  I promise you will not regret it and will love your new pearly whites just as much as I do! 

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