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Archer turned six months old and it was such a bitter sweet day.  I am so happy that he has grown into such a happy little boy and is growing up healthy and smart.  I will be doing a more detailed post about Archer turning six months after he goes for his 6 month shots on September 8.

But make sure to view the vendors below and check out their shops.  I love supporting small businesses and there items are my favorite things in Archers closet.  These are all my favorite vendors and who has been chosen for September features.  If you are interested in being a featured vendor please contact me. ||

24SEVEN DESIGNS || Sara makes the cutest custom blankets, leggings, etc.  She has always had a passion for fashion and went to fashion school at 18.  Once her second son was born, she started making him a few things and her desire to create clothes was relit and she started up 24 seven designs.  I love her shop because it is based in my home state of Utah.  I love supporting any business that is from Utah.  Her business has grown since she started it seven months ago and she want it to keep growing.  She has offered my readers FREE SHIPPING with the code: FRIEND247 
Haus of Rome  Haus of rome is a children’s shop that makes custom infant+kids tees.  They are located in Calabash, NC and is a mommy and baby duo that brings the latest trends for your little ones. There shop is inspired by love for humor, music, travel and god’s grace.  Christine is so kind to offer all my readers 30% off their total order by using the code: ROME30 … head over and order your littles a cute graphic tee, my favorite is “OMG becky.”  Which actually hangs in Archers closet! 

Hoot Boutique  Sandra is such a awesome person and her business is one of my favorites.  She started Hoot right after her son, Noah was born.  She had a hard time finding cute clothes for boys and everything she found was international and US small shops online.  That is when she decided to start Hoot.  She wanted to create a one-stop shot for cute clothes from all my favorite small shops around the world.  She has only been open for 5 months, so go show her some love.  I love everything she has in stock and I totally agree with the hard part of finding boy clothes in an actual store.  She has offered my readers a 20% off your total order using the code: archeris6months 
Young Buck Beanies Taylor started young buck beanies shortly after her son was born.  She was on the hunt for a lightweight beanie, but she couldn’t find much, thus that is when Young Buck Beanies was born in October 2013.  Before her sister shipped out to Basic Trainiing for the airfare, she helped start the business.  They launched their website in November 2013, gaining a couple hundred of followers on instagram and mostly sales from family+friends.  They are so thankful for the support from their community, they wold of 100 beanies at their local Christmas Bazaar in December of 2013.  That really boosted their confidence!  Her sister shipped our shortly after and that is when she decided she wanted to take off with the business.  She ate, dreamed, and slept Young Buck Beanies and pretty much still does, while taking care of her son Max and working full time as a WIC dietician for her local health department.  By 2015 they complete wholesale orders and have a supportive following on Instagram.  She gets so excited every time someone tags her in photos of her beanies i use.  She wakes up feeling thankful for the support and the Instagram community everyday.  Family is a huge key to the operation, her husband pre-cuts all the material and her mom helps hand sew finishing touches on the YB beanie Tags.  She wants to thank everyone for their support!    She has offered a discount code thankyou15 for 15% off your total purchase!   
Jessica with Sew Much Love started sewing a year ago when she was just a buyer on Instagram.  She started seeing all those IG shops and their beautiful work and it inspired her.  She started out with a shop of just bows using ribbon and they slowly started making baby/toddler clothing and ever since she got into the clothing making industry, she hasn’t regretted it.  Seeing all her tiny customers in her items makes her love her job even more.  She has made forever friends and awesome returning customers.  She never thought she would be where she is today, but with all the support from her awesome IG followers, she has sprouted into a semi big business that is continuing to grow.  
Lana is the owner of 2 sweet cheeks off Instagram.  She makes some of the cutest items I have ever seen.  She makes boy+girl handmade items and she is currently taking all orders.  She has a turnaround time of 1.5 weeks.  I love everything she has on her page!  Her sister had always made little clothes for their kids so when she started having kids she had such motivation to sew!  She loved seeing all the items she had made on her children, and she got lots of compliments and requests if she would sew clothes for their children.  She decided it’d be a good idea to start a shop so everyone could see what she was doing and what she had available.  She started to get a lot of followers and likes from Instagram.  She has two children which is why she chose the name “2sweetcheeks.” 20% discount for the month of September using code: save20archer

Nikki with Monsters Under my bed is one of my favorite insta shops.  All he products are up to standard, and she always makes sure everything is perfect before shipping her orders out.  A lot of Archers pants came from her and I am addicted.  I place a new order every other week from her because I love them!  She Started Monsters Under my bed out of necessity.  Around the time her son turned 2 he started to become scared of Monsters and the dark.  She made him a monster doll that he could carry anywhere.  This helped to get him through his phase.  Soon she began to make them for friends and customizing them as gifts for baby showers.  She started to receive orders for them.  She soon opened a shop and added organic cotton leggings, shorts, bibs, cardigans and many other baby & toddler garmets in modern prints.  She focuses on custom orders and she believes in giving her customers choices and allowing them to dream up new and fun styles for their littles at a affordable price. It is still just her and her machine with the part time support of her wonderful husband.  She believes in supporting small businesses when possible.  She still makes monsters and other woodland creates but the bulk of her orders are the leggings sewn with USA made organic cotton.  Use code SEPTEMBER for 20% off // good until 9/9/15

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