September Favorites ||

It is almost October, I cannot even believe that.  Archer just turned 7 months old and I cannot even believe that.  September flew by and I have a bunch of monthly favorites that I want to share.

Beauty & Style ||

1. Too Faced “born this way” foundation.  I ran out of my foundation and went to Ulta to buy a new one..  They talked me into buying the too faced, born this way foundation and I am so glad I did.  It is one of my favorite foundations and covers but also feels light weight.  I don’t like foundation that is cakey and thick, but I like it to cover.  This does just the trick.

2. Naked Smokey Palette // I bought this palette at a Ulta Urban Decay event and I LOVE it.  It is super pigmented and works good for smokey eyes.  It has every color that I would wear, and has glimmer & also a couple matte shadows.

3. Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette / I purchased this little beauty off the app POSH.  Someone swatched it and was selling it for half price!! So I snagged it and I love it.  The colors are so pigmented and metallic.  I get so many compliments on my eye shadow.

5. Babe Extensions // I love babe hair and I have worn their hair before but I just recently went and purchased new 22 inch extensions and I just love babe hair.

6. Alex & Ani Bracelets // My friend Barbie got me hooked on these and now I am obsessed.  I have three of them but I am wanting more!  I purchased mine used off of POSH because I didn’t want to pay full price for one and the ones I loved were last seasons.  Currently I have a feather, a seahorse in honor of my niece who passed away, and a half of heart with friends.  The other half with Best is with my best friend Kenadee. (throwing it back to middle school haha.)

7. Jamberry // I got hooked with jamberry from a friends party and I decided to sign up to sell it myself.  I absolutely love how they look on my  nails and they work so much better then nail polish.

Home ||

1. Jersey Sheets from Target.  I just upgraded my sheets and picked out these jersey sheets from target and I am loving them.  They are stretchy, soft and feels so good to snuggly up in!

2. Bath & Body Works “Caramel Pumpkin Swirl” candle+wall flowers.  This scent is oh so yummy and I filled my whole house with wall flowers + candles and it smells amazing.

3. Chalkboards || I have always liked chalkboards but i am kind of obsessed now.  I have them all over my home and I just purchased a calendar style chalkboard and I love it.

4. Magic Erasers || These aren’t too new but they take anything off.  That cute chalkboard I just mentioned above, yeah well I Accidentally wrote on it with permanent marker (i thought i was a white chalkboard marker) and well nothing would take it off.  I almost just threw the chalkboard away when I tried a magic eraser and it came right off!!

5. Honest Company Diapers || I absolutely love these diapers for Archer.  Not only are they the cutest diapers ever made but they are just so amazing.  He never leaks or blows out and have I mentioned I am in love with their cute prints? I also LOVE their cleaning line. I use the cleaning spray and it smells so good and works amazing.  Plus I love that it is all natural so if I use it to clean anything of archers and he puts it in his mouth he will be okay!


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