What’s in my diaper bag?

13aprileditedA couple months back I heard a rave about the Fawn Design Diaper backpack and I knew I just had to have it.  So with that being said I purchased the gray Fawn and I love it.  I had a petunia pickle bottom one and I liked it but I felt that it wasn’t holding enough of what I needed and it got dirty way fast so this new Fawn wipes clean, holds a lot more and Ty isn’t embarrassed to be carrying it around because it isn’t so “diaper bag looking.”  The fawn really does hold everything I need and I even have room for more.  We take it everywhere – vacations, weekend trips, the mountains, everywhere.  We are loving this diaper bag and I will most likely be ordering another one.  I recommend the Fawn Design to every mom!  It really is all that and a bag of chips 😉

A lot of my items are organic.  Because after learning about the chemicals that go into a lot of things it really stressed me out to be applying that type of stuff to my baby.  So with that being said I use a lot of organic and natural products.  I do have some regular products but I really try to stray away from them.

Fawn diaper bag can be ordered HERE


pom pom found here


I always keep spray hand sanitizer in my bag along with a squirt one.  Whenever I try to squirt it into A’s hands he tries to eat it, so the spray is life savor!  There are no harsh chemicals and it leaves your skin soft rather then sticky!  You can find it HERE

I stumbled across these Acure sticks at Target and instantly fell in love.  I bought the 3 pack and they are all organic and natural.  I have the sunscreen stick, bug stick and the fix it stick.  You can find them HERE 

13april_3 13april_4

My all time favorite diapers+wipes.  I love using the honest company because of the fact they contain no harsh chemicals.  It makes me feel good as a mother knowing that I am putting something on my baby that isn’t going to effect him.  We always have to have A+D in our bag because with this hot weather, Archie can get a diaper rash and this stuff is our go to favorite.  I love how the honest company upgraded their wipes and they now have the plastic tops!  Such a life saver.  You can find diapers+wipes HERE

A+D you can find HERE

13april_5 13april_6 13april_7


I always try to keep in his diaper bag: a small blanket, pair of shoes+socks and a beanie.  I like the fact that I have a pair of shoes in the diaper bag incase his wear a blister, get wet, etc.  I always try to keep socks after the fact we went 2 hours North one day and I didn’t pack any socks and it was FREEZING, so now I always keep a pair on hand.  A beanie is good just for nighttime if it gets a little chilly and his ears get cold.  A is a blanket dude and has to have one and I always run out of the house without one so luckily I keep this cute personalized one just folded in the bottom.

Moccs can be found HERE (tiny baby soles) These are my FAVORITE moccs of all time.

Beanie can be found HERE

Socks are from target

Blanket can be found HERE 



I have to always keep stuff for me in the diaper bag because I pretty much use it as my purse. I always have my ray ban sunglasses on me because they are prescription so I have to drive with them, but sometimes I change vehicles and forget them so I always keep up a backup pair.  This pair I purchased at Disneyland because I forgot mine haha. So they have a cute mickey on the side! 🙂

I always keep perfume + deodorant in my bag because lets face it.  I run out of the house so fast and always forget to apply it.  My favorite is the Dove original clean and Victorias secret perfume (I love them all TBH).

Always always gotta have a charger with me.  My iPhone dies so fast and I am a freak about not having a cell phone.  So I keep a car charger and a cord packed inside it.

My all time favorite lipgloss and lipstick.  Lipstick is younique in the shade well to do.  Lipgloss is from revlon!

13april_9 13april_10

SNACKS.  This diaper bag contains snacks because A loves to eat and when he doesn’t it just doesn’t end good. I stumbled across these yum-a-roos and the grocery store and grabbed them and A loves them!! They are small that he can eat them without choking and they don’t make a mess. (AMEN) They are also organic, and gluten free.  I am going to be switching a lot of his snack to this company because I really like it and they do a subscription, which i you know me I LOVE those. haha You can find them HERE 

Gerber graduates grabbers.  He hated these when he was a baby but whenever we go out and his food doesn’t come fast enough or he’s starving I will give him one of these and he scarfs it down.  They are so easy and convenient.

Dum Dum’s.  These are his new favorites from getting one at the doctors office.  They are super messy but sometimes I let him have one and it cleans up pretty easily.

Tic Tac’s the best little life savers.  They are a good toy+snack for A to have.  He likes to shake the container but he loves to eat them to.  He can eat a whole pack in one Target shopping trip.

360 degree cup.  I love this sippy cup because it teaches him to drink out of a cup and it doesn’t spill. I have two of them and we take them everywhere.  Plus after reading so many reviews about the other sippy cups get mold in them that I have resorted to just using 360 cup for everything! You can find them HERE


Toys are also something I always stuff in there so each time its kind of random.  But lately A has been loving cars.  One is a little people car and the other is one from Disneyland.  He loves this little shaker and this duck he got from the Dr office.  Always pack toys!

Well I hope I gave you some tips about what to throw in your diaper bag.  When mine isn’t packed properly I end up forgetting stuff and it just makes me feel so unorganized.  I love having a clean, organized diaper bag.  Again, all of these products I recommend and I am not sponsored by them in anyways.  These are all products that I have tried and love dearly.

xoxo, Shalyn


2 thoughts on “What’s in my diaper bag?

  1. Can I ask what petunia diaper bag you had before?
    I’ve had the sashay satchel for almost 2 years now, I love the backpack element but we’re about to have our second baby and I don’t feel like the satchel is big enough to hold things for my toddler and new baby. I’m obsessed with the fawn designs bag but I’m trying to do all my research on it that I can before purchasing.
    Thank you!

    1. I had the Boxy Backpack! If I had to choose today which would to keep, it would be the Fawn. It cleans 10X easier then the PBB ever did and seriously is a dream with sippy cups, treats, etc. I also like that it is more fit for a man, my husband isn’t weirded out by carrying it on his back because its more manly then it is famine.

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