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I wasn’t too much into skin care until the last few years.  I never really thought about my skin or what I was putting on it, etc.  I stepped up my game and found some amazing products that help my skin be acne free, and helps it glow.  I have super dry skin, sometimes it get’s to the point of peeling from my face.  My skin is also super sensitive so I like to use products that aren’t harsh on it that could cause irritation and redness.

This is what I use every single day.  Some products I use at night, some in the morning and some at both times!

I start each morning with washing my face.  I dampen it with warm water and then rub some of my polishing exfoliator on it and then use my clarisonic to scrub everything all around.  The polishing exfoliator helps to remove dry, rough, dead skin because it contains volcanic ash.  I have two clarisonics, but i choose to use my mia fit all the time because i like the size of it.  I have on the brush for cleaning pores which is one of my main concerns besides my dry skin.  After my skin is good and cleaned, I use my favorite product- Climate Control.  This still is like a miracle in a bottle.  I spritz a few pumps onto my face and rub it in.  I apply the origins, drink up intensive overnight face mask (I apply this both night + day) and let that sit for about 30 mins. prior to doing my makeup.  I like to use the Origins 2x a day because of how dry my skin is and the price is pretty cheap so I feel that I can use it 2x a day.  It does wonders for dry skin!  Once 30 mins goes by I apply Anti-Wrinkle treatment and Silk onto my face before doing my normal makeup routine.

When it comes to night routine, I start off my using some form of makeup remover to remove my eye makeup.  I am currently using Garnier, Skin Active Miscellar Cleansing Water to remove my waterproof makeup.  Next I use the Farmacy “clear bloom” makeup glidaway cleansing oil and cleanse my whole face.  This stuff is a weird combo but I really like it for removing and cleansing my face.  I wipe it all down and rinse and then apply another top favorite- Nanagai Oil in the areas that are specifically dry on me.  This would be my eyelids, chin, nose and I apply it on my lips as well.  Last step, is I apply the origins face mask (as mentioned above) all over and then I climb into bed.

This skin routine has really helped my skin become softer, and not near as dry.  I suffer from dry skin super bad and even adding or removing one of these products can make my skin go patchy and rough.

*If you are interested in any SeneGence products, please contact me through Facebook or email to order some.*

What is your favorite products that you like to use for your skin?




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  1. Getting into a skin routine has been one of my biggest struggles since puberty. I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. AS such, I don’t really use any products for my face :O Despite my angry hormonal acne problems.

    1. Ah once you get the hang of it, it’s so good. My skin has never been better. If you need product recommendations lemme knowb

  2. I would love to hear your top products for oily skin! My skin typically leans to the oily side, but I love this info for the summer when my skin usually dries out!

  3. I have normal to oily skin and sensitive, I have been using Acure products and have been liking them so far. I tried some origins products but I thought the cost to quality was a bit off for me. It’s always interesting to hear what other people like and are using. Cheers

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