Birth Story Throwback

Warning: This is my birth story.  Graphic images (to some) and graphic words (to others). Don’t wanna read about birth- exit now and move on.

It was an ordinary week, I was 38 weeks pregnant heading in for my daily checkup. The past week I was dialated to a 2 and 90% effaced.  I was excited to see If I had progressed. I arrived at the clinic, I did the usual routine: temperature, pulse, urine sample, blood pressure.  I had a perfect pregnancy, never anything crazy, high risk, I say I got pretty lucky.  I had no ER visits the whole time, nothing to make the Dr. nervous or scared over.  But when he read that my blood pressure was high, he decided to keep a closer eye on me.  He said it was high up in the 100’s and that could be a sign of preeclampsia starting.  I had heard of the word before but I thought there was no way that I could be coming down with it, I had a perfect pregnancy, no swelling, and I only gained 12 lbs within those 9 months!.  The doctor checked me that day and I was at a 2.5, 90% effaced! Whooooo progress!! ****Preeclampsia:  a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure.” 


My doctor wanted to see me again in two days to check on my BP (blood pressure.)  If my BP wasn’t down next time I came back, I would have to be induced.  As you would, I spent the weekend worrying about this whole BP. I rested (for the most part.) but it was so hard to just lay there because to help your body dilate, they say to walk.  I really wanted to go into labor on my own because I had heard so many horror stories of being induced.  I walked, bounced on a exercise ball.. I tried everything (that was safe).  No labor signs… At all… 

Two days passed & I hauled myself back into the clinic for the same ole checkup. I did the same routine and again I was told my BP was high. My doctor checked me and I was at 3, 90% effaced.  But he felt he needed to induce me in case it caused complications with my baby.  He called the hospital to set it up and luckily the hospital was full so I had to wait to be induced.  He told me to come back at 7:00 AM the next day.  Before I left the clinic he wanted to strip my membranes in hope I would go natural. Most women go into labor within hours of getting their membranes stripped so we were hoping this was case.  The stripping was horrible. It was painful, and hurt & I ended up crying my eyes out.  

I went home and relaxed & prayed this baby would come. 7:00 pm rolled around … Nothing. 10:00 pm rolled around … 3:00 am came & went and still NOTHING.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to just sit and wait.  I woke up at 5:00 am to check that I was still on to be induced.  Everything was on check & we were going to have a baby today.  We drove to the hospital.  I remember my mind being blank.  This was the last moment of my pregnant belly, the last moment T and I would go anywhere just the two of us, the last moment before I became a mom. I was scared, nervous, absolutely terrified for what was about to come.  But somehow I felt peace.  Knowing today I would meet my son brought a sense of comfort over me.  We arrived at the hospital & got all check in.  

Our room was spacious, comfy, and relaxing.  I was dilated to a three at 8:00 am. Received my IV at 8:30 am which contained pictocin to help induce my labor. The contractions started around 10:00 AM. I was dilated to a 4 and I could feel the pain.  Contractions are like a really bad stomach ache. They hurt, not going to lie. The nurse kept asking if I wanted my epidural. I kept saying no because people had said to wait until your a 6 or a 7.  

After several checks and several tears later, I decided to get my epidural. I was dilated to a 4.  My anesthesiologist was amazing. My IV hurt so much worse then my epidural. He put it in so calm, and was so good at what he did. I didn’t feel a thing.  The epidural did some amazing things. I felt more calm, and more prepared for labor.  I was much happier, I could laugh, talk with T and my mom and I wasn’t dealing with the pain.  I am extremely thankful that I had an epidural.  

It was around 11:00 AM by now and I was getting so tired.  I zonked out for about an hour when my doctor came in to check on me.  He decided to break my water right then.  I have mixed emotions about the water breaking.  It was not the most pleasant feeling and quite frankly I felt like I was peeing myself.  Water broke around 12:00 noon, and now we just had to wait … and wait… Around 1:00 PM the nurse came and checked me and I was dilated to an 8!  I had jumped super fast in a limited amount of time so we all figured the baby would come within the next couple of hours.  I called my birth photographer, T called family and told them to head down that baby Yardley would make his dispute here shortly!  

4:00 PM rolls around and I started to feel more pain.  With each contraction brought a load full of tears, nothing was calm anymore.  My body ached and I didn’t think I could have this baby.. I got really scared and my nurse kept telling me to just push the epidural button and it would give me more.  I pushed it about 4 times and still nothing felt any better.  My legs started to go so numb that I couldn’t move my toes or hold my legs up.  The epidural had been skipping my mid section- right where the contractions were and was going straight to my feet.  After getting some more meds in me I felt great.  

I was checked again at 5:30 PM and I was dilated to a 9.5.  It was time for some practice pushes.  T held one leg and my nurse held the other and helped me count to push.  I started on the first push when my nurse threw down my legs and said “Shalyn, you got to hold this baby in!  Your DR. is in an emergency surgery and cannot be here yet, this baby is ready to come!.”  The next hour slowly rolled by and luckily I wasn’t in pain, but I felt that if I did one little sneeze that my baby would be born.  My Dr came running in and he was out of breath, he barely had time to say hello before our sweet baby boy was born.  

I pushed for about 5 mins, 3 pushes later and Archer Trevor Yardley came into this world at 6:34 P.M.  I had tears rolling down my face, my mom was bursting into tears and T had the sweetest, calmest look on his face as tears streamed down his cheek.  They laid this little 8 lb. baby boy on  my chest and he looked at me with those little eyes, and I fell in love.  I had never felt love like this before.  His little face  melted my heart & words couldn’t even describe this moment.  I instantly became a mother, we became a family of three.  T comforted me & was my biggest supporter.  He never looked stressed, he stayed calm and made me feel so beautiful.  My mom was a huge impact and I am so glad she joined me in the birthing room.  They took my baby to get weighed and measured while I got cleaned up.  I had to get a couple small stitches, but nothing too major.  My little boy weighed 8 lbs even, and was 22 inches long!  We loved on him and held him, he got cleaned up with a bath and then our families anxiously came in to meet Archer.  Our families are in love with our little guy and we couldn’t be more happy with how everything turned out. 

I wouldn’t have been able to get through these 9 months and labor with out T by my side.   He is my best friend, and my biggest fan.  He never gave up on me and spent hours rubbing my aching feet, going to the store at 2:00 AM for a chocolate bar and loving me.  My doctor was amazing, the staff was fantastic and I enjoyed this experience.  

Some people have told me that labor was horrible, some said it was okay but for me… I found it perfect.  If I could, I would go have another baby tomorrow.  It was the best day of my life, time stood still when I got to hold my little babe for the first time.  He is perfect in every way and we are so obsessed with him.  Even after being in labor for 16 hours, it was the greatest experience of my life.  I feel so strong for carrying this baby for 9 months, having my body be his home.  I have felt him these past months, he was happy and content.  T was such a great inspiration during all of this.  He thanked me several times for bringing such a beautiful human being into the world and making him become a dad.  I fell more in love with my husband the day Archer was born then I was the day of our wedding. 

Since labor, time has flew by.  Our little boy is health and perfect in every way possible.  We are so happy to be a family of three and nothing else in the world even compares to the love I have for these two boys in my life.  I am beyond blessed with everything life has given me.

Photographs by Steel the moment birth photography.


Archers Birthday Month + giveaways + deals and much more!

Arhcer bday deals

Holy cow, how can it already be February?  I swear I was just finding out I was pregnant, now I have a almost one year old?!  Time really does fly by SO quickly and its such a bitter sweet emotion.  I love being able to watch Archer grow up and learn new things but I am dying for my sweet, soft newborn to be back in my arms.

The love I have for my little guy is out of this world.  I never understood motherhood but after having Archer its crystal clear.  I don’t feel that you are ready for a baby or motherhood in anyway.. But you learn to adapt with the struggles, happiness, and trials that come with becoming a mother.  Nobody prepares you for the emotions you feel when they lay that little baby on your chest and when you want to get so mad at him for playing in the toilet but he looks at you with these eyes and your heart just melts.

All these emotions can come in a later blog post but for now I am here to share some of my favorite small business shops that have kept Archer stylin and oh so cute!  Make sure to head to my instagram @shalynyardley_ for some awesome giveaways going on during February!

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7 months ||

seven months post

I haven’t been the best at updated about our little Archie poo!  These last couple of months I have been one crazy woman.  Between working 40+ hours a week, photographing like crazy, being a full time wife and mom I hardly have time to just relax and do what I love to do… blog!  So prepare yourself for a couple of blog posts updating on our adventures.

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September Favorites ||

It is almost October, I cannot even believe that.  Archer just turned 7 months old and I cannot even believe that.  September flew by and I have a bunch of monthly favorites that I want to share.

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6 month update on Mister Arch ||

I cannot believe that 6 months ago (actually its more like 7 because tomorrow he will be 7 months old but I’m a terrible slacking mom and just got to this) anyways, that 6 months ago you were born.  It literally has flown by in the blink of an eye and I miss your tiny newborn stages but the stage your at now is SO much fun.  You are becoming quite the little person and I am seeing your personality shine through each day and it is so rewarding to be your mom.

Size | Archer is in size 3 diapers & 9-12 month clothing. He isn’t super chunky but he’s super built, like solid like.  He is weighing at about 20 lbs and is 26.5 inches tall.

Hair | His hair has really thickened this last month.  It is a mix between a light brown and blonde color.  Some days it looks like its going darker, other days it looks like it going lighter!

Eyes | He has his momma’s blue eyes!  He always gets compliments about how pretty they are! I LOVE IT!

Sleeping | His bedtime is about 8:30 PM and he sleeps until we get up for work around 7:00 ish.  He takes about 2 naps a day.

Eating | This last month he hasn’t wanted anything to do with purred baby food.  He just wants to eat real food so we have been introducing more solids to his diet.  He eats pretty good and is chewing everything even though he has no teeth yet! favorite foods: bananas, rice a roni, spagetthi, mac and cheese & sliced ham.

Milestones | I cannot believe that he is already 6 months old, it literally happened SO fast.

  • Sits up on his own and can sit up from laying down.
  • Starting to crawl everywhere!! 
  • Got his 6 month old shots!
  • Started to stay with his nanny all day so mom could work. 
  • Holds his own bottle without the handles!
  • Gets into everything 
  • Stands up against the couch, walls, etc.
  • Went to California for the first time!
  • Went to Disneyland for the first time!
  • Saw the beach for the first time & HATED it. 

Loves | 

  • Disneyland.  HE had a blast riding the rides!
  • Bath time!! 
  • Sitting in high chairs, and shopping carts!
  • Watching TV. 
  • Playing in his teepee with all his toys. 
  • blankets!
  • his new batman bear & mickey mouse plush toy
  • throwing things 
  • playing on the floor 
  • crawling around everywhere 
  • his piano play thing haha

nicknames | Arch, Archie, A, Bubs, Bubbie, Mister, foxy boy, Archie Poo!

Life is so much fun with a 6 month old crawling around the house.  He literally makes me so happy I cannot even believe it.  I dunno how i ever lived without him in our life because he makes the days so much better!!

giveaway //

I have decided to start hosting a giveaway every single Friday for all my wonderful followers.  My very first giveaway, I have teamed up with the amazing Nikki from Monsters Under my bed co.  She is listed on my featured shops and I love everything she has in her shop.

She has agreed to giveaway a free raglan tee and a slouch beanie to one lucky follower!

If you head over to my instagram it has all the info you need on how to enter. ///

Disneyland with a 6 month old ////


We always get spontaneous ideas into our heads and most the time follow through with them.  Labor day weekend was coming and we had no plans whatsoever so we got the wild idea to go to Disneyland.  We had talked about it for a while now but every weekend just didn’t seem right.  We decided it was the perfect time because of labor day we both were off work, and we both had the weekend off.  We packed our stuff quickly on Friday and jumped in the car at 9PM to head to California.  We debated waiting until Saturday to leave but with Archer we felt driving through the night would keep us sane.  Because this last month Archer has hated the carseat.  He screams every time we put him in and frankly I just wasn’t going to listen to him scream for 5 hours.  So, we packed, got in the car and headed down to Anaheim, California.  We arrived at about 3:30 AM and was completely disappointed in our hotel arrangements (we requested 2 queen beds and got 1 full sized bed) and so luckily they had a crib for Archer to sleep in.  Anyways, we arrived and got to bed and woke up the next morning to head to DL.  The lucky part of this whole arrangement is 1. Archer was free to get in and 2. since we are military we get the military discount.  It is a 3 day pass for about $132 per person but the best part is, if we don’t use all three days we can come back ANYTIME!  I had no idea that it worked like that until my good friend Kenzie told me.  So SCORE we get to come back for 2 days before 12/20/2015 and I am excited.  Archer loved disney, and I’m not just saying that.  He literally slept about 30 mins the whole day because he was having so much fun.  I got blessed with a super happy, easy going baby who most the time is fairly happy.  He hardly ever cries, and really is super super good (besides on car rides).  The waiting in line got him a little anxious because he was bored, but on every single ride he rode he would do his happy little scream and laugh.  He enjoyed his stroller and mickey mouse ears and even got his very own mickey to take him along with about 5 other toys but hey only kid+disney for the first time= spoiled rotten.  He had so much fun and I was so happy that he did because T and I are huge disney lovers and this meant a lot to see our baby so happy and so excited.  We went to Disney on our honeymoon and really want to take our children to Disney every few years because we are obsessed.

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Update on life || Lots of pictures ||

 I originally started this blog to keep all our friends+family updated about everything that was happening with us but then I decided to change it all up and to become more of a fashion blog.  But I love doing posts about my family and an update about all we have been through lately.  I hope you enjoy reading along about my life and a small little update.  I can’t remember the last time I did an update, but Ill just kind of start from the first of the summer.

June // June came and went so quickly I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy it.  We returned back from NM in May and next thing we knew June had came.  We spent a lot of time outside and went swimming a lot. When you live in 100 degree temp you spend a lot of time either inside or outdoors in the water.  T celebrated fathers day for the first time and we spoiled him rotten.  Archer and I decided to buy him a brand new set of golf clubs and a golf club card that allowed him to go to all of Saint Georges best courses.  He was super excited and then a couple of days later we decided to go buy a black ford F-150!  We were so excited to buy a truck because 1. we needed one and 2. T was so glad to have his “man card” back by driving a truck not a car.  We certainly love it and it has been SO nice to have one!  I am so glad that we both have nice vehicles to drive and are enjoying them.  Archer got blessed on June 14 by his dad, and T did such an amazing blessing.  I am so proud of him and the choices he has made to make it to be able to bless his son.  That is one thing we both decided when we found out we were pregnant that he wanted to be the one to bless him.  It was such a good day surrounded by family+friends.  We went to little Jamaica and hung out with T’s brothers down there.  Archer loves water and loved the coolness of the spring.  All in all June FLEW by and left us wanting more. 
July /// July started out with a fun family vacation.  We joined my fam ily and we went up to Salt Lake City, UT.  We hit the hogle zoo and the kids had a blast.  Archer was just kinda “eh” but loved to eat ice cream and snow cones.  We all had a blast and then watched the fourth of July parade in Provo, UT and went to Cowabunga bay and ate way too much food.  We laughed and had such a great time.  We spend July going for rides in the truck, exploring places in Saint George that we had yet to see and enjoyed the time as a family.  Archer grew up a lot this month and learned so many new things.  We went to sand hollow with T’s family to spend some much needed time in the water.  We rented a boat and went tubing, and played in the water.  Archer loved to sit in the water and splash.  We ended July with the 24th of July AKA pioneer day.  It is a Utah holiday that is bigger then the fourth.  We went to rodeos, horse races, parades, and spent the whole time with T’s family.  Archer loved to watch the horses at the rodeo and was the cutest little cowboy around.   He turned 5 months old on July 24th and is a little wiggly monster.  We celebrated our 2 year anniversary on July 26 by going to Las Vegas, NV.  We went down and stayed at the MGM in their tower spa suite.  It was the nicest room I had ever stayed in and we had a blast.  It was the first time leaving Archer and I was so nervous but it was such a nice time to spend just the two of us.  We went and saw Le Reve The dream at the wynn and it was SO cool.. I cannot wait to go back and see another one.  We ate at waffle bliss, swam, and just enjoyed our summer together.  
August /// August flew by way too quickly.  I threw my best friend a baby shower and it turned out perfectly.  She had such a great turnout and got so many things for baby Tex.  I cannot wait for him to arrive.  Tex and Archer are going to be best friends and are going to give us both a run for our money.  We went to the Washington fair and Archer loved to look around at all the lights from the carnival rides.  We rode out to Veyo, UT to see some cool red rocks and it was nice to get out on a dirt road and enjoy ourselves.  We went to the Beaver County Fair two days in a row.  We went to the rodeo with our good friends Trexton & Kenzie and had a blast.  We always laugh so much when we are with them, its always a blast.  We then ended the fair with the demolition derby and that was also a good time!  A couple posts ago I had mentioned that T was going to be applying for Linemen school.  He had an interview with the school so we headed up North for a quick little getaway.  It was kinda a waste of time because after talking with them we have decided it isn’t in his best interest to go that route.  So that was a scratch off.  We have wanted to get Archer a build a bear since before he was born so we finally got him one.  We decided on a batman build a bear and he loves it.  We saw Archers little girl friend Kyznlee and her momma! I got offered a job at a dental office and after much consideration I have decided to accept it.  I have been there for about a week now and I love it.  I love everyone I work with, and the dentists and it really is so perfect.  I was so sad to leave Archer but I found the cutest nanny who comes to my house (I refuse daycare) and she loves him and takes such good care of him.  I feel much better leaving knowing that he is in good hands.  He is always fed and happy, and she picks up my house and makes it look spotless.  Things are working out so good for us and I am so thankful.  We ended this wonderful month by a camping trip with the 222.  T’s drill unit always has a family mountain drill so we went up camping.  We sent T and Trexton up to go camp while Kenzie and I stayed back in Beaver to do some pictures.  I love having her as a friend and I am so glad she is one of my friends, we have gotten so close so quickly and I am so thankful for her.  We always have a blast and end up laughing our butts off.  Not to mention she helps me SO much with Archer and is always so good to take him and play with him! 
I really feel so “content” with life right now.  Even though things didn’t work out with the linemen apprenticeship I feel it was meant to be.  I really do not want to move North for personal reasons and this school was going to require us to move North up to Salt Lake.  I guess time will tell what happens next but for right now I am so blessed and content.  I really cannot believe just how lucky I have gotten.  I have a strong marriage, a handsome, healthy baby boy and even though sometimes things may not seem like they are always the best, at the end of the day I am so blessed and so thankful.  

September Featured shops ||

Archer turned six months old and it was such a bitter sweet day.  I am so happy that he has grown into such a happy little boy and is growing up healthy and smart.  I will be doing a more detailed post about Archer turning six months after he goes for his 6 month shots on September 8.

But make sure to view the vendors below and check out their shops.  I love supporting small businesses and there items are my favorite things in Archers closet.  These are all my favorite vendors and who has been chosen for September features.  If you are interested in being a featured vendor please contact me. ||

24SEVEN DESIGNS || Sara makes the cutest custom blankets, leggings, etc.  She has always had a passion for fashion and went to fashion school at 18.  Once her second son was born, she started making him a few things and her desire to create clothes was relit and she started up 24 seven designs.  I love her shop because it is based in my home state of Utah.  I love supporting any business that is from Utah.  Her business has grown since she started it seven months ago and she want it to keep growing.  She has offered my readers FREE SHIPPING with the code: FRIEND247 
Haus of Rome  Haus of rome is a children’s shop that makes custom infant+kids tees.  They are located in Calabash, NC and is a mommy and baby duo that brings the latest trends for your little ones. There shop is inspired by love for humor, music, travel and god’s grace.  Christine is so kind to offer all my readers 30% off their total order by using the code: ROME30 … head over and order your littles a cute graphic tee, my favorite is “OMG becky.”  Which actually hangs in Archers closet! 

Hoot Boutique  Sandra is such a awesome person and her business is one of my favorites.  She started Hoot right after her son, Noah was born.  She had a hard time finding cute clothes for boys and everything she found was international and US small shops online.  That is when she decided to start Hoot.  She wanted to create a one-stop shot for cute clothes from all my favorite small shops around the world.  She has only been open for 5 months, so go show her some love.  I love everything she has in stock and I totally agree with the hard part of finding boy clothes in an actual store.  She has offered my readers a 20% off your total order using the code: archeris6months 
Young Buck Beanies Taylor started young buck beanies shortly after her son was born.  She was on the hunt for a lightweight beanie, but she couldn’t find much, thus that is when Young Buck Beanies was born in October 2013.  Before her sister shipped out to Basic Trainiing for the airfare, she helped start the business.  They launched their website in November 2013, gaining a couple hundred of followers on instagram and mostly sales from family+friends.  They are so thankful for the support from their community, they wold of 100 beanies at their local Christmas Bazaar in December of 2013.  That really boosted their confidence!  Her sister shipped our shortly after and that is when she decided she wanted to take off with the business.  She ate, dreamed, and slept Young Buck Beanies and pretty much still does, while taking care of her son Max and working full time as a WIC dietician for her local health department.  By 2015 they complete wholesale orders and have a supportive following on Instagram.  She gets so excited every time someone tags her in photos of her beanies i use.  She wakes up feeling thankful for the support and the Instagram community everyday.  Family is a huge key to the operation, her husband pre-cuts all the material and her mom helps hand sew finishing touches on the YB beanie Tags.  She wants to thank everyone for their support!    She has offered a discount code thankyou15 for 15% off your total purchase!   
Jessica with Sew Much Love started sewing a year ago when she was just a buyer on Instagram.  She started seeing all those IG shops and their beautiful work and it inspired her.  She started out with a shop of just bows using ribbon and they slowly started making baby/toddler clothing and ever since she got into the clothing making industry, she hasn’t regretted it.  Seeing all her tiny customers in her items makes her love her job even more.  She has made forever friends and awesome returning customers.  She never thought she would be where she is today, but with all the support from her awesome IG followers, she has sprouted into a semi big business that is continuing to grow.  
Lana is the owner of 2 sweet cheeks off Instagram.  She makes some of the cutest items I have ever seen.  She makes boy+girl handmade items and she is currently taking all orders.  She has a turnaround time of 1.5 weeks.  I love everything she has on her page!  Her sister had always made little clothes for their kids so when she started having kids she had such motivation to sew!  She loved seeing all the items she had made on her children, and she got lots of compliments and requests if she would sew clothes for their children.  She decided it’d be a good idea to start a shop so everyone could see what she was doing and what she had available.  She started to get a lot of followers and likes from Instagram.  She has two children which is why she chose the name “2sweetcheeks.” 20% discount for the month of September using code: save20archer

Nikki with Monsters Under my bed is one of my favorite insta shops.  All he products are up to standard, and she always makes sure everything is perfect before shipping her orders out.  A lot of Archers pants came from her and I am addicted.  I place a new order every other week from her because I love them!  She Started Monsters Under my bed out of necessity.  Around the time her son turned 2 he started to become scared of Monsters and the dark.  She made him a monster doll that he could carry anywhere.  This helped to get him through his phase.  Soon she began to make them for friends and customizing them as gifts for baby showers.  She started to receive orders for them.  She soon opened a shop and added organic cotton leggings, shorts, bibs, cardigans and many other baby & toddler garmets in modern prints.  She focuses on custom orders and she believes in giving her customers choices and allowing them to dream up new and fun styles for their littles at a affordable price. It is still just her and her machine with the part time support of her wonderful husband.  She believes in supporting small businesses when possible.  She still makes monsters and other woodland creates but the bulk of her orders are the leggings sewn with USA made organic cotton.  Use code SEPTEMBER for 20% off // good until 9/9/15

How how you’ve grown

I cannot believe that in a couple of weeks Archer will be six months old, half a year, half way to one years old.  These last 6 months have flown by with my little and I cannot even begin to stand that he will be 6 months old.  He is so smart, and is sitting up by himself, and already wanting to start crawling.   He eats super well and eats homemade baby food and some solid foods.  He laughs at everything, naps super well, sleeps through the night, and is just all around such a good baby.  I don’t know how I got so blessed to be his mom, but I am beyond thankful.  Motherhood has taught me so many things, even in just a short 6 months.  I love my little family, I love my family, T’s family, my incredible friends, and everything that has fallen into place for us.  I am so grateful for everything and everyone who stumbled across my life and for those who have walked out, I am even thankful for that.  Being a mom has made me realize that all you really need is your spouse and children.  I would choose Archer and T over anything, anyone, any day.