Easter Weekend |


Easter weekend was spent with my little family in Anaheim, CA.  We were invited by my brother and his kids to come with them on a little vacation for the week but due to T’s job and some military obligations that came up, we were only able to go for a few days but it was still so much fun.  I have to give a major shout out to my husband for driving 5.5 hours to take me to the beach and Disneyland.  He knew I was needing to get out and about and that was just what I needed.  We were a little crazy and took Wilder who just hit 3 weeks old!  But it was such a fun little vacay and we enjoyed our first trip together and Archer had fun with some of his cousins.  Two kids isn’t that hard and it is getting a little easier each day.  We really wanted to do something fun with Archer before our weekly drives to SLC to PCH start next week!  Between those weekly 5 hour drives we aren’t going to want to travel much.  On Friday we had a quick little Easter Egg hunt because the Easter bunny arrived that night and grandma and grandpa came down to watch Arch hunt for eggs in the backyard.  The Easter bunny spoiled these cute boys with some much needed essentials, toys, and candy.  I love holidays and having two kids makes it that much better!


Archer is at such a fun stage right now and obsessed with Humpty Dumpty.  He was pretty stoked to be finding “humpties” all over the yard and kept singing “Humpty Dumpty’ the whole time.  I am pretty obsessed with him.

2017-04-18_00122017-04-18_0011After that we drove down to California and stayed in a town on the route when we all got too tired to finish off the drive.  I was looking online at a store called Milky Mama to grab some food items that will help my milk supply increase for pumping for Wilder.  Came to find out that they had a store that we were passing so I decided to just run in and grab some treats.  They are actually really good and I wanted to eat the whole box of brownies and cookies in one sitting.  Ill do more of a review in depth post all about pumping later this month.  We then checked into our hotel and headed to hit a few stops.  We decided to stop at what is called the Anaheim Packing District.  It is a pinterest worthy spot and was full of good food and treats + some live music.

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After grabbing lunch we took off to Seal Beach, CA (about 40 mins from Anaheim) and boy did it not disappoint.  It wasn’t hardly packed at all, and had the cutest downtown feel with shops and everything.


2017-04-18_0002I told T that I wanna plan a trip back just for that little town and stay in a beach house.  Anyways, Arch wasn’t filling all the waves and it kind of scared him but we enjoyed playing on the side in the sand.  Lil bro slept in his solly baby wrap most the time and Arch destroyed the sand castles that T built him.  It was just a perfect day spent with my little family enjoying some sun and sand!


We went back to the hotel to meet up with my brothers family and my mom and we went to downtown Disney for the night.  We just walked around and enjoyed the music and fun activities that they have down there.

Next day called for Disneyland.  This is Archer’s third time going to Disney and Wilder’s first trip!  We are Disney lovers in our family.  We went and spent the day riding rides, eating good food and just having fun.  Arch had a blast with his cousins and loved all the rides.  He was seriously such a champ the whole day and had hardly any toddler tantrums!  We had to make sure to get Wildie some cute mickey ears that he can grow into!  We left a little early cause we had a long drive ahead but boy was one day enough for us.  Archer was filthy dirty, I was so tired and T’s back was starting to hurt so we headed back home.

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I love going on weekend adventures.  It is more enjoyable to me then a week long vacation.  We try to go on a fun weekend trip once a month but I know with the upcoming drives due to Wilder’s cleft and his doctors that we won’t be getting out near as much which makes me kinda sad.  But we do have some fun trips planned this summer and rest of the year which I am excited for.  I am so grateful to have my family in my life and so blessed to spend it with them all each year.  I honestly cannot explain how grateful I am being able to hold and love Wilder and Archer and seeing them grow up.  Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me and it is all because of our heavenly father.

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend and spent it with the ones you love.




A’s BIG BOY room reveal!


So let’s just say that his room as pretty much been done forever, I’ve just been a huge major slacker and waiting on a few last minute items to finish it off.  But good news is that it’s finished and I am so excited to reveal it to everyone.  When I was thinking of how to do his room, I wanted something different from his baby nursery but still along the lines of that.  I love the new modern items that are coming into style lately.  Ill have linked below everything I used and where I got it, and ill also post the youtube link to the video I made to show it all off.  I am seriously obsessed with how it turned out and Archer is loving his big boy bed!

I wanted the room to be filled with small shop items but also have regular shop items.  I did a combo filled with both and I loved how it turned out and came together.  A lot of the items were purchased from Ikea or Amazon (I will have links down below) but some were also small shop gifted and purchased.

Scroll down and see for yourself and take a look at the items featured..


My awesome husband built Archer’s bed for him.  It is a twin size and has a pull out trundle underneath.  He did such a good job creating this dream bed for Archie boy.  2017-03-02_00032017-03-02_00042017-03-02_00052017-03-02_00062017-03-02_00072017-03-02_00082017-03-02_00092017-03-02_00102017-03-02_0011

This is very well Archer’s favorite place in the house.  He could spend all day in there terrorizing it 😉 but really has a blast.  He loves to show new people his cool bed and sleeps like a champ in it.


Items used //

TeePee Bed – Yardley Customs

Bedding – Funny story, I saw this bedding on instagram and after tracking it down, I came to realize that it was located in Australia…… which was no way to get it to me.  After a few hours of having my heart broken I saw that a Facebook friend of mine was actually IN AUSTRALIA… LIKE WHAT.  So I instant messaged her and she was so nice and went to target and bought it for me and brought it back to the United States.  (Thanks Taryn!) So sorry to all you US peeps, this bedding came from Australia.

“Archer” Banner & the “X” BannerRad.PaperCo

“Archer” Pillow- Shop Highway3 

“Archer” custom Pillow Doll Asher.and.Olive

Mickey Mouse Plush Doll – Disneyland

Woven BlanketWild Sunshine Threads

Buffalo Plaid BlanketLove and Lullabies 

Neverland Banner & Neverland Pillow CaseRoot Avenue

Cross Pillowcase & “Wild” wall banner Orange Blossom Special 805

Wooden FeathersThat Special Touch Decor

Teepee Sign Liz.and.Ollie

No girls allowed sign & Wild Child Sign – Hobby Lobby

Mickey Burlap BlanketModern Burlap

Archer Ave. SignSuperior Stickers

Graphic Prints (BIG BRO & Trouble Maker) – Little Bloom Prints

Books – Usborne

Triangle Wall DecalsWall Tribe



  • Toy Box
  • Child Table – I painted this to have a modern, matching design.
  • Buckets + Plant
  • Rug
  • Shelves
  • Frames
  • Dresser
  • Beanie Holder

Aztec Baskets are from my local Target.

Archers OutfitLuluRoo

Whew, pretty sure that covered where I got everything from.  I am loving how everything came together to make Archer’s big boy room complete.  He has been so into shapes and colors that most of his favorite toys are containing them.  I love the little spot where he can have his quiet time and relax.  He loves reading books and is so into them lately that its one of his favorite places to sit and relax.  Once he gets a little bigger I am planning on filling his buckets (on his table) with crayons, but for now he just likes to draw on the walls if he has them in his possession so it holds his cars and wooden shapes.

Hope you enjoy,




Small kiddo, big heart..


I often find myself amazed at the understandings and feelings that a young child can carry.  I’ve seen Archer and how he reacts to different news and different occurrences in life.  When the characters on a TV show get sad, he shows sympathy.  When they get angry, he shows anger.  His little heart and mind are so incredible that I often wonder how he learned these.  I haven’t taught him to “grrrr” when he’s upset or clap when he’s proud of his own achievements.  But yet he’s showing me these characteristics everyday.

8Today hasn’t been the easiest.  I’ve been on the phone all morning trying to set up consults to pick our new babies surgeon.  It shouldn’t even be right that I am trying to pick a surgeon for a baby I haven’t even met.  Whoever said motherhood was easy, was beyond wrong.  As I sat here crying, he comes up and says “don’t cry” and lays his little head on my thigh for the brief 4 second spam he has and then walks away.  He doesn’t even understand why I am crying but he took some time to show compassion and my heart just melted.  I am raising the best boy who is going to make the best husband, best dad, and best friend in the future.

Life often gets hard, it does for everyone.  I cannot tell you how much I have been tested this last year to rely on my faith.  At times, I break down and question why I have been chosen to take on this job.  I sometimes can’t even get past thinking about the future because the unknown is scary.  I feel this sweet baby kicking inside of me and knowing that when it arrives is gonna be a whirlwind of emotions, doctor appointments, surgeries, etc.  It breaks my heart to think my baby will have to suffer through all this.

19As February approaches Archer will be turning 2 and he has seriously grown so much in the last few months that my heart aches, but I am so happy to see him growing and living such a good life.  We surely have our moments of tantrums, tempers, and meltdowns but that is life.  You see those perfect instagram feeds of the perfect, spotless house… Perfect put together moms + kiddos, and you instantly label yourself as a failure because your kitchen isn’t that marvelous and your lucky if you put a bra on today….  But what I realized is it isn’t real life.  Most of those bloggers photos are completely staged, (sometimes it isn’t even their house), and life isn’t always perfect.  Sure we all try to hide those imperfect moments from the social media world but why?  Why pretend that everyday I wake up, cook the perfect hearty breakfast, get myself all dolled up and go out with picture perfect intentions.  I’m lucky if Archer even get’s breakfast and seriously if I put a bra on today.

12One of my resolutions for the year was to capture real life moments.  You know those ones that you freeze for a simple second and think to yourself “how can life get any better?”  Those are the moments I want to capture of my family.  The moments that when I look back on in 20 years I will instantly feel that happiness surround my heart because I’ll remember how I felt when that photo was snapped.  I’ve been documenting Archer’s feet a ton lately.  I love his toes and how he has little dimples on them and they are chunky and cute and just full of life.  That is what I want to remember.  I find myself hating the images that I am in because I’m not happy with my body, or my looks.  I think that most mothers now days will agree that being in photos in the hardest.  But to hell with it and to hell with others opinions.  I’m trying to be the best example for my children and friends and frankly anyone whose reading this or looks to me as an example.  I want to show that it’s okay to not always look picture perfect or to have a little flab here and there.  I mainly want to show that life is imperfect and that is completely okay.  Don’t waste the days hating your body or your image cause life is too short and will slip away in a instant.


This post was beyond random and I applause all those who read through it and hopefully got some sort of inspiration or feelings towards it.  It’s mainly a way that I can communicate with myself and hopefully look back on these posts in a few years and realize that it all had a purpose.  The weekend is near, you all can do it.


Life update..


It has been since April…APRIL that I last published a blog post.  Mainly the reason behind this is simple; motherhood.  Between everything going on in my life, blogging has been pushed to the back burner to try to focus on more important things.  I am going to try my best to start documenting things again, because it was always a nice reminder to look back and see what happened/how I felt/etc.  With that being said, this blog post is nothing major… mainly a simple life update on my family and I.  If you don’t care how we are doing or don’t want to read the boring details of how cute Archer is… then head up to the top and click that X button.. cause sadly that is mainly what this blog will be about.

Let’s start off with Ty… Ty is currently almost in his second year of Electrician school.  He is passing with flying colors, and literally doesn’t have to study for one test.. or his final.  He just passes them and moves on.. (Like why cannot I be more like him?)  He is currently framing houses for Ivory Holmes and while it is extremely hard work (mainly in the summer, cause who wants to lift wood in 110 degree weather?) he really does enjoy being outside and learning more each day.  He can literally build anything, I get these crazy ideas for him to build furniture and he looks at me like I’m completely insane, but whatta ya know… couple weeks later its built!  I cannot wait to share our latest project, but that is for a different blog.  He sells some furniture publicly here and there but between school and work… he’s busy and when he has time off he likes to spend it with Archer and I.  Everyday I swear I fall more and more in love with him.  While he presses my buttons daily, I lay in bed and just think about how lucky I am to have him in my life.  He is the best dad to Archer and I cannot sit and brag about him enough.. but ill spare everyone the gushy details.

Life for me as been divine.  I love staying home everyday and watching Archer grow.  I always knew I wanted to stay home with my children, but lately I have just felt the need to go back to school.  My bestie and I got this spure of the moment idea to register for fall semester classes.  I’d like to say it was a good idea… but who really wants to go back to school?  My future plans are to “hopefully” pursue nursing since I have only 3 (2 now) classes to finish then ill be able to apply.  But as we all know life isn’t so simple my future college plans may be put again on hold.. (this is coming in a later blog)  Anyways, I am finishing up my fall semester and it hasn’t been that bad of a semester.  I have made some new friends and enjoyed getting out of the house to socialize with actual adults.. I am still up to photography, I just cut down to once a month when i travel to Beaver.  I really tell myself I don’t have time for any other activities, but i decided to sign up for a MLM business called Lipsense.  Sometimes I feel worthless because even though I make decent $$ with photography, I’d like to be able to help and support my family as well.  Lip sense is doing awesome and I am really enjoying the confidence it brings me.

Together we celebrated 3 years of marriage in July.  I really cannot believe it has been three years already.. it doesn’t seem like a long time but again it seems like yesterday we said I do.  We went on a little vacation in September to Nashville with friends.  Nashville was so fun, and we enjoyed a little weekend vacation without Archie boy.  We also have some exciting news… we are expecting baby #2 to make his or her appearance first part of April (i’m hoping March) We decided to not publicly announce our gender, and it has actually been quite fun to have a secret to ourselves.  I decided i should start to document this pregnancy considering I am already 1/2 way through it at 20 weeks … haha oops!  When I was pregnant with Archer, I was sick non stop.  It was a easy pregnancy but I was sicker then heck.  This round, I am never sick but this pregnancy has been rough.. (again this will come later) Between being parents to a almost two year old and trying to both do school.. we are pretty busy.

Archer will be two come February and I cannot wait to see him become a big brother.  He is constantly lifting my shirt up and saying “baby” and while I don’t think he fully understands it (what two year old does?) I think its beyond adorable.  He is talking more and more each day, which makes me proud to see him learn new things.  He is obsessed over everything with wheels.. and if you even pass the toy department at Target, he will take off and we walk out with a new truck, but at least he has a smile on his face.  He loves to play with his puppies and go outside.  He thinks every single animal says mooo but honestly its adorable and who needs to know what a bear says anyways? 😉 He loves his grandma Lane and his uncle Colten the best.But mom is always #1 no matter what.  He went to his first time in Nursery a couple weeks ago and loved being able to play with play dough, but church is during nap time so we cut it short and came home for a nap cause he was getting too onry.  We just switched him from his toddler bed to a twin bed and its night #3 in that bed and he’s doing so good.  He loves going on walks in his stroller but hates shopping in stores.  Bath time is a favorite, and if you don’t watch him he will flood the whole bathroom floor.  His current favorite activity is laundry.  He loves to load the washer and dryer and help mom start it.  Now if I could only teach him to fold it and put it away.. 🙂 He is such a boy and growing bigger everyday.  It makes us so sad to see how big he is getting but so proud of all his little accomplishments.  He went trick or treating on Halloween dressed up as his favorite character… Buzz lightyear!  He kept grabbing candy and saying “thank you” which is my favorite word he says.

Life for us is pretty simple.  We are busy, but we try to be simple.  We eat out way too often and go to bed way too late but together we are holding on and making it to the best.  Some days I feel like I never see Ty, (12 hours days + school) but we still get in bed together and have a nice little 5 min convo before he passes out.  I will try to be better on blogging, its currently 3 AM and I cannot sleep so i figured I would do a quick little life update.  But my macbook batter just said it is about to die, so ill end this blog for now.



Thanks for reading,

xoxox, Shalyn

What’s in my diaper bag?

13aprileditedA couple months back I heard a rave about the Fawn Design Diaper backpack and I knew I just had to have it.  So with that being said I purchased the gray Fawn and I love it.  I had a petunia pickle bottom one and I liked it but I felt that it wasn’t holding enough of what I needed and it got dirty way fast so this new Fawn wipes clean, holds a lot more and Ty isn’t embarrassed to be carrying it around because it isn’t so “diaper bag looking.”  The fawn really does hold everything I need and I even have room for more.  We take it everywhere – vacations, weekend trips, the mountains, everywhere.  We are loving this diaper bag and I will most likely be ordering another one.  I recommend the Fawn Design to every mom!  It really is all that and a bag of chips 😉

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Archer’s toy must haves


I think toys are over rated and any kid should be able to play with a pot and a spoon just fine but yet somehow Archer’s bedroom, living room and entryway is filled with toys of all kinds?  Why do I do this to myself + my house?  I’m a sucker for buying toys, I walk into Target and Archer takes one glance at a toy and smiles and next thing I know I am buying 4 new toys at Target that this kid doesn’t need.  He got way too much for Christmas then with a recent birthday he got even more that he didn’t need.  You see we have NO storage in this house what so ever.  All his toy’s hide behind the couch until he decides he wants to play with them.  After struggling to reach his mamaroo (which he can’t even fit in it, but heaven forbid if I put it away all hell breaks loose because he likes to attempt to sit in it…kids) and ends up falling and almost giving himself 2 black eyes, the story ends with the mamaroo along with all 4 big playlets out in my living room floor.  Nap time rolls around and I put them away then the same scenerio plays out after nap time.  I figured I might as well put my toy shopping to good use and do a blog post about all of Archer’s must have toys that he loves playing with.

So … Archer’s 10 must have toys!

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Happy Birthday Mister Arch!


Archer turned one year old on February 24, 2016!  It was such a fun filled day for our little family.  We decided months ago that we wanted to take Archer to Disneyland for his first birthday.  We went when he turned six months old so it was only right to go when he turned one year.  I will do a blog post about Disney later this week but it was a blast!  Archer turned one and we celebrated his birthday by having his party on Saturday.  It was such a fun filled day with our closest family + friends!  I decided months ago that I wanted to do a lumberjack themed birthday party since I have been obsessed with Buffalo plaid since Christmas.  I will do a more detailed birthday party post later this week as well.

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Birth Story Throwback

Warning: This is my birth story.  Graphic images (to some) and graphic words (to others). Don’t wanna read about birth- exit now and move on.

It was an ordinary week, I was 38 weeks pregnant heading in for my daily checkup. The past week I was dialated to a 2 and 90% effaced.  I was excited to see If I had progressed. I arrived at the clinic, I did the usual routine: temperature, pulse, urine sample, blood pressure.  I had a perfect pregnancy, never anything crazy, high risk, I say I got pretty lucky.  I had no ER visits the whole time, nothing to make the Dr. nervous or scared over.  But when he read that my blood pressure was high, he decided to keep a closer eye on me.  He said it was high up in the 100’s and that could be a sign of preeclampsia starting.  I had heard of the word before but I thought there was no way that I could be coming down with it, I had a perfect pregnancy, no swelling, and I only gained 12 lbs within those 9 months!.  The doctor checked me that day and I was at a 2.5, 90% effaced! Whooooo progress!! ****Preeclampsia:  a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure.” 


My doctor wanted to see me again in two days to check on my BP (blood pressure.)  If my BP wasn’t down next time I came back, I would have to be induced.  As you would, I spent the weekend worrying about this whole BP. I rested (for the most part.) but it was so hard to just lay there because to help your body dilate, they say to walk.  I really wanted to go into labor on my own because I had heard so many horror stories of being induced.  I walked, bounced on a exercise ball.. I tried everything (that was safe).  No labor signs… At all… 

Two days passed & I hauled myself back into the clinic for the same ole checkup. I did the same routine and again I was told my BP was high. My doctor checked me and I was at 3, 90% effaced.  But he felt he needed to induce me in case it caused complications with my baby.  He called the hospital to set it up and luckily the hospital was full so I had to wait to be induced.  He told me to come back at 7:00 AM the next day.  Before I left the clinic he wanted to strip my membranes in hope I would go natural. Most women go into labor within hours of getting their membranes stripped so we were hoping this was case.  The stripping was horrible. It was painful, and hurt & I ended up crying my eyes out.  

I went home and relaxed & prayed this baby would come. 7:00 pm rolled around … Nothing. 10:00 pm rolled around … 3:00 am came & went and still NOTHING.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to just sit and wait.  I woke up at 5:00 am to check that I was still on to be induced.  Everything was on check & we were going to have a baby today.  We drove to the hospital.  I remember my mind being blank.  This was the last moment of my pregnant belly, the last moment T and I would go anywhere just the two of us, the last moment before I became a mom. I was scared, nervous, absolutely terrified for what was about to come.  But somehow I felt peace.  Knowing today I would meet my son brought a sense of comfort over me.  We arrived at the hospital & got all check in.  

Our room was spacious, comfy, and relaxing.  I was dilated to a three at 8:00 am. Received my IV at 8:30 am which contained pictocin to help induce my labor. The contractions started around 10:00 AM. I was dilated to a 4 and I could feel the pain.  Contractions are like a really bad stomach ache. They hurt, not going to lie. The nurse kept asking if I wanted my epidural. I kept saying no because people had said to wait until your a 6 or a 7.  

After several checks and several tears later, I decided to get my epidural. I was dilated to a 4.  My anesthesiologist was amazing. My IV hurt so much worse then my epidural. He put it in so calm, and was so good at what he did. I didn’t feel a thing.  The epidural did some amazing things. I felt more calm, and more prepared for labor.  I was much happier, I could laugh, talk with T and my mom and I wasn’t dealing with the pain.  I am extremely thankful that I had an epidural.  

It was around 11:00 AM by now and I was getting so tired.  I zonked out for about an hour when my doctor came in to check on me.  He decided to break my water right then.  I have mixed emotions about the water breaking.  It was not the most pleasant feeling and quite frankly I felt like I was peeing myself.  Water broke around 12:00 noon, and now we just had to wait … and wait… Around 1:00 PM the nurse came and checked me and I was dilated to an 8!  I had jumped super fast in a limited amount of time so we all figured the baby would come within the next couple of hours.  I called my birth photographer, T called family and told them to head down that baby Yardley would make his dispute here shortly!  

4:00 PM rolls around and I started to feel more pain.  With each contraction brought a load full of tears, nothing was calm anymore.  My body ached and I didn’t think I could have this baby.. I got really scared and my nurse kept telling me to just push the epidural button and it would give me more.  I pushed it about 4 times and still nothing felt any better.  My legs started to go so numb that I couldn’t move my toes or hold my legs up.  The epidural had been skipping my mid section- right where the contractions were and was going straight to my feet.  After getting some more meds in me I felt great.  

I was checked again at 5:30 PM and I was dilated to a 9.5.  It was time for some practice pushes.  T held one leg and my nurse held the other and helped me count to push.  I started on the first push when my nurse threw down my legs and said “Shalyn, you got to hold this baby in!  Your DR. is in an emergency surgery and cannot be here yet, this baby is ready to come!.”  The next hour slowly rolled by and luckily I wasn’t in pain, but I felt that if I did one little sneeze that my baby would be born.  My Dr came running in and he was out of breath, he barely had time to say hello before our sweet baby boy was born.  

I pushed for about 5 mins, 3 pushes later and Archer Trevor Yardley came into this world at 6:34 P.M.  I had tears rolling down my face, my mom was bursting into tears and T had the sweetest, calmest look on his face as tears streamed down his cheek.  They laid this little 8 lb. baby boy on  my chest and he looked at me with those little eyes, and I fell in love.  I had never felt love like this before.  His little face  melted my heart & words couldn’t even describe this moment.  I instantly became a mother, we became a family of three.  T comforted me & was my biggest supporter.  He never looked stressed, he stayed calm and made me feel so beautiful.  My mom was a huge impact and I am so glad she joined me in the birthing room.  They took my baby to get weighed and measured while I got cleaned up.  I had to get a couple small stitches, but nothing too major.  My little boy weighed 8 lbs even, and was 22 inches long!  We loved on him and held him, he got cleaned up with a bath and then our families anxiously came in to meet Archer.  Our families are in love with our little guy and we couldn’t be more happy with how everything turned out. 

I wouldn’t have been able to get through these 9 months and labor with out T by my side.   He is my best friend, and my biggest fan.  He never gave up on me and spent hours rubbing my aching feet, going to the store at 2:00 AM for a chocolate bar and loving me.  My doctor was amazing, the staff was fantastic and I enjoyed this experience.  

Some people have told me that labor was horrible, some said it was okay but for me… I found it perfect.  If I could, I would go have another baby tomorrow.  It was the best day of my life, time stood still when I got to hold my little babe for the first time.  He is perfect in every way and we are so obsessed with him.  Even after being in labor for 16 hours, it was the greatest experience of my life.  I feel so strong for carrying this baby for 9 months, having my body be his home.  I have felt him these past months, he was happy and content.  T was such a great inspiration during all of this.  He thanked me several times for bringing such a beautiful human being into the world and making him become a dad.  I fell more in love with my husband the day Archer was born then I was the day of our wedding. 

Since labor, time has flew by.  Our little boy is health and perfect in every way possible.  We are so happy to be a family of three and nothing else in the world even compares to the love I have for these two boys in my life.  I am beyond blessed with everything life has given me.

Photographs by Steel the moment birth photography.


Archers Birthday Month + giveaways + deals and much more!

Arhcer bday deals

Holy cow, how can it already be February?  I swear I was just finding out I was pregnant, now I have a almost one year old?!  Time really does fly by SO quickly and its such a bitter sweet emotion.  I love being able to watch Archer grow up and learn new things but I am dying for my sweet, soft newborn to be back in my arms.

The love I have for my little guy is out of this world.  I never understood motherhood but after having Archer its crystal clear.  I don’t feel that you are ready for a baby or motherhood in anyway.. But you learn to adapt with the struggles, happiness, and trials that come with becoming a mother.  Nobody prepares you for the emotions you feel when they lay that little baby on your chest and when you want to get so mad at him for playing in the toilet but he looks at you with these eyes and your heart just melts.

All these emotions can come in a later blog post but for now I am here to share some of my favorite small business shops that have kept Archer stylin and oh so cute!  Make sure to head to my instagram @shalynyardley_ for some awesome giveaways going on during February!

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7 months ||

seven months post

I haven’t been the best at updated about our little Archie poo!  These last couple of months I have been one crazy woman.  Between working 40+ hours a week, photographing like crazy, being a full time wife and mom I hardly have time to just relax and do what I love to do… blog!  So prepare yourself for a couple of blog posts updating on our adventures.

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