10 perfect gifts for mother day |


Mothers Day is coming up and with that comes trying to get the women in your life the perfect gift.  I have came up with a few options that are sure to make that special lady extremely happy.  Most of these I would love to get (hint hint T!) So I know your wife/mom will to!

1. Spa day

Most every woman would enjoy to be surprised with a certificate for a spa day.  Facial, Mani/Pedi, Massage, etc.  This is something that every woman would be thrilled to get because with the title of “mom” we all need R&R.

2. Personalized Gifts

Face it, us moms love personalized items.  Whether it be our children’s birthdays, anniversary date, etc, on some type of item… we love all things personal and took some thought.  My current favorite is personalized necklaces with our sons birthdates in roman numerals.  It’s a gift that I will cherish forever because it was the two best days of my life. There are several items you can get that can be personalized.  Check out these cute items—-> 1 | 2 | 3

3. Target Gift Card

You read that correctly.  If you are clueless and not sure what to get, stop at Target and get a gift card and some flowers.  I promise she will love you forever when you hand that little red card to her and tell her to go spoil herself.  However, she most likely will end up in the kid section and spend it on baby clothes but its the thought that counts. Snag that gift card HERE!

4. Clothes

If you know your mom pretty well and can pick her out some nice clothes that’ll really top her day.  Most the time as moms, we tend to spend all our money on our children so being gifted something that they normally wouldn’t spend money on for their selves is a huge plus.  Check out a cute shirt, or maybe some comfy pajamas. Check out these stores —> 1 | 2

5. Makeup/Makeup Gift Card

If your wife/mom is into makeup stop by Ulta or Sephora and let them help you pick something out.  They know the latest trends and can find a perfect eyeshadow palette or contour palette that will make that woman happy.  If all else fails, just snag a Gift Card and she can spoil herself later! 1 | 2 | 3

6.  Watch

Snag her the up to date watch like a apple watch or even a classic style of watch to top her day.  If she uses a watch daily, then it’ll be the perfect accessory to have on her hand. 1 | 2

7. Craft from your children/grandchildren

Moms always love to get homemade items, whether it be a craft you did with your children for her or something you made yourself, a hand made item is sure to make her smile.  Search on Pinterest for the perfect mothers day craft, and get going!

8. A vacation

If your woman likes to travel and have fun, book her a surprise vacay and give her the info on mothers day along with some roses or a gift card to buy clothes for the big trip.  It’ll make her excited for the upcoming trip and really who doesn’t want a surprise trip!

9. A nice dinner at her favorite restaurant

Surprise her with a night out (kids or no kids) and take her to her favorite restaurant to eat at.  This is a perfect gift for older moms who want to visit their kids who no longer live under their roof or for younger moms who want to get out of the house and have a night out.

10. A clean house.  Nothing will make your wife or mother more happy then to come home to a clean, spotless house!  This is the most wanted gift by several women but make sure to throw in something above ^ to keep yourself outta the dog house!

Being a mom has became the best thing to ever happen to me.  Today my heart is filled with joy as I saw my oldest son care for his younger brother.  As this event happened, tears filled my eyes.  If you’ve read any of my previous, personal blogs you will know that our littlest boy, Wilder has a unilateral cleft lip and palette and it hasn’t been the easiest pregnancy on our family.  Wilder was crying because he was hungry and I was trying to hurry and finish my salad before feeding him the rest of his bottle.  All of a sudden I noticed it was peace and quiet… I stood up and walked over to where Wilder was at, and there was Archer sitting next to him trying to feed him in bottle.  The thing with having a cleft baby is you have to hold the bottle a certain way and due to his NAM, it makes it difficult to feed him.  Archer was trying so hard to calm his little bro by feeding him and wasn’t doing much good but my heart filled with joy but also sadness because if Wilder didn’t have this cleft, I know that Archer would be able to feed him and would be so happy to do so.  I have came to terms with his cleft and I love him and it just the way he is, but my heart still aches that my perfect little boy will go through surgeries, and struggles more then any other child his own age.  As his first surgery approaches quickly I become more saddened and nervous for him to get it done.  It’s a feeling that no parent should ever have to have but it’s life and it is grabbing the situation by the reigns and guiding it.  I love my boys and I love being their mom.  Mothers day is the end of this week and I cannot wait to spend it with my mom and my children.

If you have any other gift suggestions, leave them in the comments.. I would love to hear!

13 top newborn must haves |


When I found out I was pregnant and started baby shopping I was amazed at how many new, modern products there were even though I just had Archer a year ago.  9 months went by and now that we are getting into a routine, I have some of my top favorite items that I use for him every single day.  I thought I would share with those of you who are in the market for your new babe or just want to see what there is available to you.  (These are all my honest opinions and feelings and none of these are sponsored items.)

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.19.08 PM

  1. Owlet Baby Monitor

We didn’t invest in one of these with my first baby but with our little cleftie, we decided we needed it.  They do run pricey at $250 but the calmness it brings is worth the price.  It monitors your babies heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts you when they are low.  It is a small sock that slips on your babies foot (alternating left and right) and will monitor it until you turn it off.  The only downfall, sometimes our babe will wiggle and the alert will go off which causes a huge panic to come on you.  BUT I would rather have a false alarm then no alarm at all so it works.Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.18.44 PM

2. Dock a Tot

The dock a tot has been a life saver to us every single night.  We put it inside his Halo Bassinet and it fits perfect and he is all snug all night.  The best part is, with all the traveling that we do and will be doing, its nice to take with us and it can go between us on a bed for a safe approach to co sleeping or we can put it on any surface right now and he sleeps just like he does at home.  They run a little pricey starting at $165 but to me has been a huge help with sleeping.  Our little guy sleeps about 6-8 hours once he gets all snuggled in.  They have 2 sizes for babies and then toddlers which makes transitioning easy from a crib to a bed, etc.   (make sure to click the link “dock a tot” above to snag $10 off yours!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.18.29 PM

3. Woombie Swaddles

I got a woombie from my local buy buy baby to just test out and I need to order a few more.  These are a easy approach to swaddling and a lot less the hassle.  With a two sided zipper to zip from the top or just the bottom (easy to change a diaper) our little guy stays asleep since he isn’t being unswaddled every diaper change.  It is a stretchy material so they can wiggle and move but will not break out of a swaddle and wake themselves up.  They have different styles and options to pick from (even one for hip dysplasia babies) so there are a lot of options to choose from.  They start at about $25 but are sold at other stores (and also amazon) so be sure to check all around before purchasing.

4. PUJ tubScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.16.48 PM

With our first baby, I bought a big plastic tub that takes up so much room and cannot be stored anywhere.  I did some research this baby and decided to buy the PUJ tub.  It is priced around $35 and is worth it.  It’s easy to fold up and store (fits under the sink or can hang on the back of the door), it is easy to travel with (again were always on the go) and can fit in any sink.  You cannot use this in an actual bath tub but for us it was better because he will be bathed in the sink while Archer is in the big tub until Wilder is old enough to sit up.  It is a soft foam material, and cradles the baby for comfort.  These are sold on several sites including amazon.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.22.09 PM

5. MamaRoo 

I used this with my first baby and I didn’t need the newer version (hint to save money, find the older version) but this was such a game changer for both my boys.  It has several different settings on it and is able to adapt to real movements.  It has been a top product of mine for both boys and we use it daily.  They run about $250-

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.22.29 PM

6. Solly baby wrap 

I recently purchased a solly baby wrap and was so impressed.  I had used a different brand with my first and even a few times with Wilder but decided to buy another one so I had two on hand and boy do i love the solly!  I used this for 3 days in California and it was such a life saver.  He was snug and happy all day long, and didn’t get too hot either.  It makes it easy for you to help your toddler and still be hands free.  They run about $65.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.22.55 PM

7. Moccasins 

I personally love the brand Tiny Baby Soles Moccs and Freshly Picked.  TBS runs cheaper for the same quality and is a smaller shop then FP.  I have the hardest time keeping socks on my babies and some shoes are even harder but I like to have their little toes protected.  These moccs come in all sizes and keep their feet protected and will stay on.  I recommend grabbing a few pairs in the 0 size because those will fit them when they are teeny tiny.  You can order cheap (china brand) off amazon but be prepared they will not fit your newborn baby which is when I personally love to put on moccs.  I just buy a few pairs that can go with several outfits and I feel better with their toes being protected.Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.30.15 PM

8. Beanies & Swaddles

I didn’t hardly put any beanies on Archer until he got older but Wilder has loved beanies.  I bought a few from Target and a few from small shops and I love the ones I got from my small shops the best.  My top favorite is KB Cute Designs.  I got a matching set with a beanie, swaddle and gown and holy cow.  It is the softest material and so stretchy! Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2.56.52 PM

9. Tubby Todd 

I discovered this brand of soaps, lotions, and more.  I was super stoked to try it and came to find out that I absolutely love it.  They smell good, and make sure that every ingredient is cleanly sourced, animal cruelty free and 100% natural which is something i love.  I love to know that my kids are being lathered in natural ingredients rather then harmful chemicals which is why i made the switch from johnsons to tubby toad.  My top 3 favorites are lavendar & rosmary wash and lotion and the all over ointment!

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.03.10 PM

10. Noxx Burp rags

We knew with Wilder he would have a lot of spit up due to his cleft lip so I made sure to stock up on burp rags.  My tops favorite are the ones I snagged from Noxx AZ.  They are a good size, and the softest material. The ones that are super rough rubs on his face and leaves marks so I love the super soft material.  Not to mention the prints are modern and adorable.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.06.27 PM

11. Kickee Pants 

I grabbed Wilder some of these pajamas and I am going to stock up for both boys!  They are the softest material you have ever felt in your life.  I am not even joking.  The footie pjs also have the hand covers which is something I love!

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.04.44 PM

12. Milk Snob Carseat Cover

I have tried a few carseat covers and none compare to the quality of milk snob the best.  It has the perfect fit, perfect material and the perfect prints… it’s pretty perfect!  I actually have two covers that I switch between because I couldn’t decide.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.05.01 PM

13. Jennifer Ann Custom Swaddle

One of my favorite items I have bought for both my boys is a custom name swaddle blanket.  I have a few with Archer’s name on it and the one from Jennifer Ann is by far the best quality.

Hope you enjoy, what are some of your favorite baby products?




giveaway //

I have decided to start hosting a giveaway every single Friday for all my wonderful followers.  My very first giveaway, I have teamed up with the amazing Nikki from Monsters Under my bed co.  She is listed on my featured shops and I love everything she has in her shop.

She has agreed to giveaway a free raglan tee and a slouch beanie to one lucky follower!

If you head over to my instagram it has all the info you need on how to enter. ///

September Featured shops ||

Archer turned six months old and it was such a bitter sweet day.  I am so happy that he has grown into such a happy little boy and is growing up healthy and smart.  I will be doing a more detailed post about Archer turning six months after he goes for his 6 month shots on September 8.

But make sure to view the vendors below and check out their shops.  I love supporting small businesses and there items are my favorite things in Archers closet.  These are all my favorite vendors and who has been chosen for September features.  If you are interested in being a featured vendor please contact me. ||

24SEVEN DESIGNS || Sara makes the cutest custom blankets, leggings, etc.  She has always had a passion for fashion and went to fashion school at 18.  Once her second son was born, she started making him a few things and her desire to create clothes was relit and she started up 24 seven designs.  I love her shop because it is based in my home state of Utah.  I love supporting any business that is from Utah.  Her business has grown since she started it seven months ago and she want it to keep growing.  She has offered my readers FREE SHIPPING with the code: FRIEND247 
Haus of Rome  Haus of rome is a children’s shop that makes custom infant+kids tees.  They are located in Calabash, NC and is a mommy and baby duo that brings the latest trends for your little ones. There shop is inspired by love for humor, music, travel and god’s grace.  Christine is so kind to offer all my readers 30% off their total order by using the code: ROME30 … head over and order your littles a cute graphic tee, my favorite is “OMG becky.”  Which actually hangs in Archers closet! 

Hoot Boutique  Sandra is such a awesome person and her business is one of my favorites.  She started Hoot right after her son, Noah was born.  She had a hard time finding cute clothes for boys and everything she found was international and US small shops online.  That is when she decided to start Hoot.  She wanted to create a one-stop shot for cute clothes from all my favorite small shops around the world.  She has only been open for 5 months, so go show her some love.  I love everything she has in stock and I totally agree with the hard part of finding boy clothes in an actual store.  She has offered my readers a 20% off your total order using the code: archeris6months 
Young Buck Beanies Taylor started young buck beanies shortly after her son was born.  She was on the hunt for a lightweight beanie, but she couldn’t find much, thus that is when Young Buck Beanies was born in October 2013.  Before her sister shipped out to Basic Trainiing for the airfare, she helped start the business.  They launched their website in November 2013, gaining a couple hundred of followers on instagram and mostly sales from family+friends.  They are so thankful for the support from their community, they wold of 100 beanies at their local Christmas Bazaar in December of 2013.  That really boosted their confidence!  Her sister shipped our shortly after and that is when she decided she wanted to take off with the business.  She ate, dreamed, and slept Young Buck Beanies and pretty much still does, while taking care of her son Max and working full time as a WIC dietician for her local health department.  By 2015 they complete wholesale orders and have a supportive following on Instagram.  She gets so excited every time someone tags her in photos of her beanies i use.  She wakes up feeling thankful for the support and the Instagram community everyday.  Family is a huge key to the operation, her husband pre-cuts all the material and her mom helps hand sew finishing touches on the YB beanie Tags.  She wants to thank everyone for their support!    She has offered a discount code thankyou15 for 15% off your total purchase!   
Jessica with Sew Much Love started sewing a year ago when she was just a buyer on Instagram.  She started seeing all those IG shops and their beautiful work and it inspired her.  She started out with a shop of just bows using ribbon and they slowly started making baby/toddler clothing and ever since she got into the clothing making industry, she hasn’t regretted it.  Seeing all her tiny customers in her items makes her love her job even more.  She has made forever friends and awesome returning customers.  She never thought she would be where she is today, but with all the support from her awesome IG followers, she has sprouted into a semi big business that is continuing to grow.  
Lana is the owner of 2 sweet cheeks off Instagram.  She makes some of the cutest items I have ever seen.  She makes boy+girl handmade items and she is currently taking all orders.  She has a turnaround time of 1.5 weeks.  I love everything she has on her page!  Her sister had always made little clothes for their kids so when she started having kids she had such motivation to sew!  She loved seeing all the items she had made on her children, and she got lots of compliments and requests if she would sew clothes for their children.  She decided it’d be a good idea to start a shop so everyone could see what she was doing and what she had available.  She started to get a lot of followers and likes from Instagram.  She has two children which is why she chose the name “2sweetcheeks.” 20% discount for the month of September using code: save20archer

Nikki with Monsters Under my bed is one of my favorite insta shops.  All he products are up to standard, and she always makes sure everything is perfect before shipping her orders out.  A lot of Archers pants came from her and I am addicted.  I place a new order every other week from her because I love them!  She Started Monsters Under my bed out of necessity.  Around the time her son turned 2 he started to become scared of Monsters and the dark.  She made him a monster doll that he could carry anywhere.  This helped to get him through his phase.  Soon she began to make them for friends and customizing them as gifts for baby showers.  She started to receive orders for them.  She soon opened a shop and added organic cotton leggings, shorts, bibs, cardigans and many other baby & toddler garmets in modern prints.  She focuses on custom orders and she believes in giving her customers choices and allowing them to dream up new and fun styles for their littles at a affordable price. It is still just her and her machine with the part time support of her wonderful husband.  She believes in supporting small businesses when possible.  She still makes monsters and other woodland creates but the bulk of her orders are the leggings sewn with USA made organic cotton.  Use code SEPTEMBER for 20% off // good until 9/9/15

What if I told you how easy it was to get whiter teeth? |

You read that right.  Getting whiter teeth was on my list of summer goals because face it, your teeth aren’t white. (well mine weren’t.)  Pregnancy did a number on my teeth and I mean that in a bad way. My body didn’t accept pregnancy well, and my teeth suffered it.  I guess that is what happens when you puke daily for 25 weeks.  At least, A was worth all that but still.  Anyways I stumbled upon a product on instagram call Smile Sciences.   I ordered one and started to use it and I saw such a huge difference in my teeth color.  I went from the shade 3.5 to a 2 within a week!  It worked SO well that I am ordering one for T and my mom.  I feel so much more confident in my teeth and having them be whiter.  They are normally $299 but you can grab yours for only $29 with my discount code: SHALYN

All you do is brush, then put a bit of gel into the trays, pop into your mouth and pull out the light and put in your mouth and I keep it in there for about 30 minutes.  Then I pop it out, brush and move on with my day!  It makes me feel so much better about my smile and not so self conscious.  You can choose from mint or bubblegum flavoring!  I have the mint but I will prob order a bubblegum just for the fun of it!  It comes in a box, with a teeth shade marker, the trays, a touch up pen, and the gel! 
With school starting you are going to want to get your teeth whiter, so head over to smile sciences (follow them on instagram as well) and pick yourself up a kit.  I promise you will not regret it and will love your new pearly whites just as much as I do! 

Tan for the summer ||

I recently stumbled across Loving Tan and decided to give their product a try because lets face it this summer I haven’t been on my tan game.  With a 5 month old my life has been kind of wild and I don’t have time to go to a tanning bad, sit out by our pool, or even get a spray tan.  Not to mention I am so not ready to show off this body in front of anyone so a spray tan was out of the running fast.  But I love to be tan, I love to have that summer glow that makes everyone think that I do have time to go out and go tanning HA!  Anyways, I decided to order this one and I got it in the mail and I had to try it!  I showered, exfoliated, shaved and jumped out and got started!  I have a applicator mitt found here that I use and it works SO good. I also purchased this to help exfoliate and I love it.  It makes my skin feel fresh and brand new.  I highly recommend purchasing an applicator mitt because that way your hands won’t go crazy colors.  This doesn’t make you orange, it doesn’t take long and it works really really well.  I love how my tan turned out and I got so many compliments and people telling me i looked way tan.

You start by showering, shaving and exfoliating.  Then you dry off (don’t use any products on your body), and start your tan!  Before I start I always put lotion on my ankles and wrists.  You can do your knees and elbows but I never have any trouble so I don’t.  Then you just pump it onto the mitt and start rubbing away.  Most the time I just do my legs and arms but if T is around I will have him do my back and such!  I also do my face every other time just to blend a bit.  Anyways, so after you apply it all on you just wait.  This is where I will read, watch tv, clean, etc. for two hours until it is set in.  Then after two hours you jump in and shower!  It reveals an awesome tan that’ll last for days and it really does look so natural.  It doesn’t turn you orange or anything! I promise that you will love how this turns out & will use this from now on!  To apply, it takes me about 10 minutes to slap it on!  It is so quick, and the bottle looks like it’ll last for a while.  This is my second time trying it and I still love it.

after applying —– regular white legs

Fox Prints ||

I recently stumbled across a Instagram account called “Fox Squares.”  I decided to give it a try because I love my instagram photos and I love printing photos.  I created a private account that I post so many pictures on daily because I didn’t want to hog up my personal account with Archer, Archer & more Archer.  I only have a couple of close friends that follow me on there but I love all the pictures I post.  I am addicted to chat books but wanted something else to document all these memories for me.  I ordered a lot and I mean a lot of images from Fox Print.  They are 3×3 and the cutest things in the world.  It was tough trying to narrow down just what ones I wanted to print but I finally got down to about 100.  I printed my pregnancy, Archer, more of Archer and just all of our fun adventures as a family.  They also offer magnetic images & stickers which I cannot wait to try!  I love how they turned out, the quality is amazing & they are SO cute.  I just need to think of a cute project to use them with because so far I just pinned some to a bulletin board in my office.  I love them so much that I am going to go and order some more right about now… I suggest you do to because I promise you’ll love them just as much as I do! Order yours here!  They have been SO awesome to offer a discount code to all my readers for 2 weeks!  The code is: TSB15


My favorite instagram shops + cuteness overload

 **These are all based off my personal opinions and I am not receiving any payment in exchange for my opinion..**

I am constantly looking on my cell phone and instagram makes it so easy to find cute boutiques that offer the cutest clothes.  When I found out I was having a boy, I got so many comments about “how boys aren’t fun” and “you can’t find cute boy clothes anywhere” “good luck with that boy!”  I will admit that finding boy clothes are harder but if you search in the right places then you are good to go. Some days I even decide that boy clothes are much more unique, and different then the girl section has to offer.  So with that being said I am in love with my little boy & SO glad I had a boy first!

Today I will be sharing some of my favorite instagram shops with you + some super cute pictures of Archie boy in their adorable clothes!  Make sure to go and follow them all on Instagram and make sure to let them know I sent ya!

These are in no particular order, I love all their shops+products //

Monsters under my bed co // I am a fan of those cute little printed leggins+shorties that all babies are wearing now days.  I found MUMB on etsy, ordered a couple pair of shorties and instantly fell in love.  I have about 10 pairs of shorties from this store for Archer and I love them all.  The fit is spot on and he can squeeze into his 3 month shorties as well as his 6 months.  Her patterns are top notch, in style and so cute.  She has a pretty decent turn around time and will reply within a day to your messages.  I love love love this shop & will always be ordering from her company!  She has been so kind to offer all my readers a 20% off your total order code.  Enter the discount code: SHALYN175 at checkout! Act now, the offer is only valid 7/17-7/18 and I promise your babe will want some!

24 Seven Designs // I love anything custom.  A reason for that is because I love my babies name; Archer.  I feel its unique and different so I love custom items.  I haven’t received my order from her shop yet but I can already tell I am going to love it.  I love her custom items that she has and also all her cute up to date patterns.  She replied back to my comments/messages quickly and was so kind.  ( I love kind people. )  She has been so kind to offer my readers a discount code.  Enter the code: SHALYN at checkout for 15% off your total order.

Tiny Baby Soles // Let me start off by saying I am a picky mocc person.  I have ordered several different brands of moccs and nothing could compare to my freshly picked ones that I purchased before I had Archer.  Now I love my FP Moccs but I can’t stand to be spending $65 on a pair of Archers shoes that he will grow out of within three months, I just couldn’t.  I came by TBS off instagram and she was having a sale so I figured I would give her a shot.  LET ME JUST SAY I ordered the camo shade moccs & the patriotic moccs.  Those camo moccs are my all time favorite.  Archer literally wears them almost every single day.  They are so soft and the fit is perfect.  I do not have one complaint about her moccs.  I realized I was really wanting to bless Archer in some white moccs but realized it suuuper close to his blessing day.  I DMed her and she instantly sent me some white moccs and made sure they arrived by his blessing day.  (talk about great customer service.)  She didn’t even charge me extra to get them to me on time.  I will most definitely support this shop for life.  We love her products! She has been kind enough to offer all my readers a 20% off your total purchase code.  Enter the code:SHALYN at checkout.  I promise you will want to have some of these for your babies.

Charlie & Chomper // Those cute little baby shirts that have the cutest sayings and slogans… yep buy from C&C!  Her shirts are SO soft, and I mean like I would sleep with a blanket from this material soft.  Not to mention her slogans are the cutest, like “he man woman haters club” are you kidding me. When I came across her shop I instantly fell in love with like all of her slogans.  I started of with just two, I got the gray “he man woman haters club” and the blue “never grow up” tees.  Archer wears the heck out of both of these and I am always getting compliments wherever I go on how cute his tees are.  Head over there and order your babe some cute, slogan tees! Grab 10% off with the code: CCDISCOUNT

Sew Much Love // Nothing makes me more crazy then when Archer spits up all over his new outfits.  Spit up just doesn’t sit well with me and I cringe every time he spits up.  I have seen these bibdanas but really just brushed them off.  But afer constantly getting spit up stains and drool stains I invested in some bibdanas.  I purchased about 5 and no doubt they are the best invention made.  Archer looks stylish and it keeps his shirt clean.  They machine wash super easy & are so soft around his neck.  They don’t strangle him either!  I love items like this that are all around perfect.  She has given my readers a discount code as well.  Offer the discount code: TENOFF for 10% off your total purchase.

Haus of Rome // I ordered the cutest “OMG BECKY” tee one day when she was having a sale and I absolutely it!  Archer fit in it perfectly and he wears it all the time.  She has the cutest slogans on all her tees, get them back to you in a decent time frame & they seriously are the cutest.  I cannot wait to order more from this instashop!  We love Haus of Rome!! We have a discount code for you to receive 15% off your total order with the discount code: BLONDE13

Root Avenue // lets me just say that they are home of the “Pretty fly for a small fry tee.”  I saw this tee on one of my favorite insta mom little boy and when I had Archer I knew I wanted to order it.  It is so hot down in Southern UT so I went with the tank top.  I always get so many compliments on how cute the slogan is and I just love it all around.  I am planning on purchasing the camo “stick to your roots” tees for both Archer and I anyway now.  They are THE cutest.  She has offered my readers a discount code for 15% off your total purchase, the code is: yardley and will run from 7/17-7/24 so GO ORDER!  **Shorties from Monsters under my bed-

Crafty Little Peas // okay this shop isn’t a clothing shop but I love love love love love this shop!! This is my go to wedding gift, christmas gift, thinking of you gift, just all around gift I give to everyone. (hint hint.) She rocks at what she does and everyone always LOVES their custom letters.  I have 2 in my house, one for Archer and one for our last name.  I have given 6 friends, 4 wedding gifts, and several other people custom letters from this shop.  She makes everything custom and she always exceeds my limits.  Especially when I am such a slacker and contact her a week before I am needing one and she gets it to me ON TIME.  She saves my butt all the time.  She has offered a discount code for 15% off the total purchase until 7/31! The code is: 15percent // make sure you hit her offer up because I promise you WONT be disappointed and your house needs this extra charm.

Mama Sew Happy // I ordered Archer some super cute patriotic shorts for the 4th of July from this instashop.  They arrived and were perfect & fit him so cute!  He got so many compliments on how cute his outfit was and how many people loved the shorts.  I will be ordering more in the near future from this lady!  We love her items!! She has offered a discount code as well, it is: 10% off for TODAY only! The code is:// BLONDE10

Purl Lamb // this shop has some of the cutest, softest, best quality items ever.  I am in love with the bummies and the shorties and she just released the CUTEST rompers ever.  I won a free hoodie from her and after that I was hooked.  Archer has the sweat pants, bummies, hoodies, you name it.  This is one of my top favorite shops not to mention she is SO kind & nice to off all my readers FREE shipping with the code: FREESHIP it will expire on Monday so hurry and order your baby some new clothes for the winter, or hey she even has cute summer items too!  We love our “Golden Child” hoodie from Purl Lamb because Archer is indeed our golden child.

Dudley Denim // I purchased the cutest shorts from DD and I am so in love with them.  The quality is amazing and I am glad that Archer can wear them for a long time because I will be so sad when he doesn’t fit into them anymore.  All her products are so cute and she really does do awesome work with denim.  All your babes need a pair of DD jeans and your in luck because she has offered a discount code for all of you: sincereblonde for 20% off your total purchase today through monday!

Tnees Teepee//  I just ordered Archer a teepee from here and I LOVE it.  I have some friends that also ordered some and I knew I had wanted one for Archer since I was designing his nursery.  But I finally buckled down and purchased one and it makes it room 10x cuter.  (even though it already is SO cute!)

KB Cute Designs //  This is where I ordered Archers bedding from & She was amazing.  It was custom made and designed and it turned out better then I expected! I am always getting compliments on it and I still am so in love with it to this day.  I promise you won’t be disappointed if you order your babes bedding from her!

Flybird Apparel // I ordered two shirts from her for myself & I love them.  I am dying to order more but somehow I always end up ordering Archer clothes.. welcome to motherhood.  Anyways, the quality is amazing and the designs are so cute.  I have been into wearing tees lately so I was so in love with all of these and I want to wear my tops from here every.single.day. Go check her out and order yourself some new clothes because I promise you deserve it.

 I hope you all love all these shops just as much as my little family does!  I strongly encourage you to go treat yourself to something nice and enjoy your weekend, I know I sure will.