Easter Weekend |


Easter weekend was spent with my little family in Anaheim, CA.  We were invited by my brother and his kids to come with them on a little vacation for the week but due to T’s job and some military obligations that came up, we were only able to go for a few days but it was still so much fun.  I have to give a major shout out to my husband for driving 5.5 hours to take me to the beach and Disneyland.  He knew I was needing to get out and about and that was just what I needed.  We were a little crazy and took Wilder who just hit 3 weeks old!  But it was such a fun little vacay and we enjoyed our first trip together and Archer had fun with some of his cousins.  Two kids isn’t that hard and it is getting a little easier each day.  We really wanted to do something fun with Archer before our weekly drives to SLC to PCH start next week!  Between those weekly 5 hour drives we aren’t going to want to travel much.  On Friday we had a quick little Easter Egg hunt because the Easter bunny arrived that night and grandma and grandpa came down to watch Arch hunt for eggs in the backyard.  The Easter bunny spoiled these cute boys with some much needed essentials, toys, and candy.  I love holidays and having two kids makes it that much better!


Archer is at such a fun stage right now and obsessed with Humpty Dumpty.  He was pretty stoked to be finding “humpties” all over the yard and kept singing “Humpty Dumpty’ the whole time.  I am pretty obsessed with him.

2017-04-18_00122017-04-18_0011After that we drove down to California and stayed in a town on the route when we all got too tired to finish off the drive.  I was looking online at a store called Milky Mama to grab some food items that will help my milk supply increase for pumping for Wilder.  Came to find out that they had a store that we were passing so I decided to just run in and grab some treats.  They are actually really good and I wanted to eat the whole box of brownies and cookies in one sitting.  Ill do more of a review in depth post all about pumping later this month.  We then checked into our hotel and headed to hit a few stops.  We decided to stop at what is called the Anaheim Packing District.  It is a pinterest worthy spot and was full of good food and treats + some live music.

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After grabbing lunch we took off to Seal Beach, CA (about 40 mins from Anaheim) and boy did it not disappoint.  It wasn’t hardly packed at all, and had the cutest downtown feel with shops and everything.


2017-04-18_0002I told T that I wanna plan a trip back just for that little town and stay in a beach house.  Anyways, Arch wasn’t filling all the waves and it kind of scared him but we enjoyed playing on the side in the sand.  Lil bro slept in his solly baby wrap most the time and Arch destroyed the sand castles that T built him.  It was just a perfect day spent with my little family enjoying some sun and sand!


We went back to the hotel to meet up with my brothers family and my mom and we went to downtown Disney for the night.  We just walked around and enjoyed the music and fun activities that they have down there.

Next day called for Disneyland.  This is Archer’s third time going to Disney and Wilder’s first trip!  We are Disney lovers in our family.  We went and spent the day riding rides, eating good food and just having fun.  Arch had a blast with his cousins and loved all the rides.  He was seriously such a champ the whole day and had hardly any toddler tantrums!  We had to make sure to get Wildie some cute mickey ears that he can grow into!  We left a little early cause we had a long drive ahead but boy was one day enough for us.  Archer was filthy dirty, I was so tired and T’s back was starting to hurt so we headed back home.

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I love going on weekend adventures.  It is more enjoyable to me then a week long vacation.  We try to go on a fun weekend trip once a month but I know with the upcoming drives due to Wilder’s cleft and his doctors that we won’t be getting out near as much which makes me kinda sad.  But we do have some fun trips planned this summer and rest of the year which I am excited for.  I am so grateful to have my family in my life and so blessed to spend it with them all each year.  I honestly cannot explain how grateful I am being able to hold and love Wilder and Archer and seeing them grow up.  Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me and it is all because of our heavenly father.

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend and spent it with the ones you love.




Ice Castle Adventure

#2I am way behind on blogging so bare with me as I get all updated.  We took a little weekend getaway to Midway, Utah couple of weekends ago.  I love being able to travel places on weekends and see things we haven’t seen before.  We have always talked about going to the Midway Ice Castles but it never fit in our schedule.

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Disneyland with a 6 month old ////


We always get spontaneous ideas into our heads and most the time follow through with them.  Labor day weekend was coming and we had no plans whatsoever so we got the wild idea to go to Disneyland.  We had talked about it for a while now but every weekend just didn’t seem right.  We decided it was the perfect time because of labor day we both were off work, and we both had the weekend off.  We packed our stuff quickly on Friday and jumped in the car at 9PM to head to California.  We debated waiting until Saturday to leave but with Archer we felt driving through the night would keep us sane.  Because this last month Archer has hated the carseat.  He screams every time we put him in and frankly I just wasn’t going to listen to him scream for 5 hours.  So, we packed, got in the car and headed down to Anaheim, California.  We arrived at about 3:30 AM and was completely disappointed in our hotel arrangements (we requested 2 queen beds and got 1 full sized bed) and so luckily they had a crib for Archer to sleep in.  Anyways, we arrived and got to bed and woke up the next morning to head to DL.  The lucky part of this whole arrangement is 1. Archer was free to get in and 2. since we are military we get the military discount.  It is a 3 day pass for about $132 per person but the best part is, if we don’t use all three days we can come back ANYTIME!  I had no idea that it worked like that until my good friend Kenzie told me.  So SCORE we get to come back for 2 days before 12/20/2015 and I am excited.  Archer loved disney, and I’m not just saying that.  He literally slept about 30 mins the whole day because he was having so much fun.  I got blessed with a super happy, easy going baby who most the time is fairly happy.  He hardly ever cries, and really is super super good (besides on car rides).  The waiting in line got him a little anxious because he was bored, but on every single ride he rode he would do his happy little scream and laugh.  He enjoyed his stroller and mickey mouse ears and even got his very own mickey to take him along with about 5 other toys but hey only kid+disney for the first time= spoiled rotten.  He had so much fun and I was so happy that he did because T and I are huge disney lovers and this meant a lot to see our baby so happy and so excited.  We went to Disney on our honeymoon and really want to take our children to Disney every few years because we are obsessed.

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Fourth of July ||

This weekend was one for the books.  We always try to go on a fun family vacation during the summer and we decided to go up to Salt Lake and go to the zoo, cowabunga bay, and see the parade in Provo, UT.  We had so much fun and Archer loved cowabunga bay!  We went with my mom+dad, and my brother, his wife and their kids.  There are so many pictures to post, because we really did have that good of a time.  For one, I cannot believe it is already July  scratch that it is already the middle of July.  Where is this summer going?  We have been so busy with life that it has flew right past us.  July is filled up with activities left & right, not to mention August is busy for us as well.  All in all things are going pretty good.  We still aren’t sure when or where we are moving to, we are still waiting for the programs to get back with us, etc.  It really is so stressful not knowing where you are going in your life.  It stresses me out daily not knowing exactly when we are moving, if we are moving or where we are moving to.  Anyways back to the point of this post- the fourth of July is one of my all time favorite Holidays!  I love celebrating America, freedom, BBQ’s, good food, friends & the warm weather.

We headed North bound on Wednesday.  We stayed in Sandy, UT for the whole time being and it was a good spot to stay.  On Thursday we went to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, UT.  It was a pretty warm day but Archer did amazing.  It was someplace that I always dreamed of taking my children so I am so grateful that I got to take Archer there.  We had such a blast all together as a family.

The next day came and we hauled ourselves outta bed to Cowabunga Bay!  It was such nice day and the park was filled but not overfly filled.  We played in the water & Archer absolutely LOVED it!  HE started to splash with his arms and he laughed, took a nap, had some of dad’s ice cream & just had fun.  We took Kayzlee down way too many slides, laughed at so many fun things, ate pizza; ice cream; snacks; coke.  It really was so much fun!  T and I Accidentally got in line to go down one of the slides I swore I was not going down, but when it came down to it we both jumped on and went!  It wasn’t too bad besides my swimsuit bottoms rode up my back revealing my bare butt cheeks… I bet that was quite a site to see.

The fourth of July came and we went to Provo, UT to watch the parade.  This fourth was much better then last.  I had a gorgeous baby boy to cuddle with during the parade and it was spent with family rather then friends.  Family always is better in the end.  Friends come and go but your family will always be there for you. We went back to Saint George that night and watched fireworks with Uncle Colten and our good friends, Ashley & Jordan.  We have this new thing where we are balancing Archer wherever we go!  It is so much fun because I take pictures and use the #balancingarcheraroundtheworld then I am making a chapbook just for him & wherever we balance him!

Last year at this time we had just found out that we were expecting a baby.  I remember taking a pregnancy test and being so happy but nervous about welcoming a baby into our lives.  I wouldn’t trade my handsome little guy for anything.  He really does complete me in ways I never knew existed, I love him more then words can explain and I cannot wait to have more children & to watch Archer grow up being the oldest brother and taking care of them all.

We have been blessed beyond measure.  Everything has fallen into place for us and we couldn’t be more thankful for our Heavenly Father and the blessings he has blessed us with.  Life has taken a turn for the best and I am now surrounded by amazing friends who care for me and my family, amazing family who helps us with anything we need.  Archer has the best aunts+uncles to look up to, not to mention amazing grandpas and an awesome grandma.  Cousins who will help guide him in the correct direction.  We spend our nights watching netflix and pigging out on popcorn, I spend my days taking care of my little guy.  I really am blessed to be able to work from home & stay with Archer all day long.  I love doing photography & I love all the doors it as opened for me.  We really are thankful & blessed. 

Airplanes, Flat Lands, and Humidity ||

This last weekend we took a fun little family getaway down to Dallas, TX and over to Clovis, NM.  We have these friends who have been the best friends for the longest time and we consider them some of our best friends.  They moved in Jan to Clovis, NM because S is in the airforce.  (keeping his name private for safety reasons.)  Anyways, we haven’t seen them since then and they hadn’t had the chance to meet Archer.  We flew outta Las Vegas, NV on a red eye to Dallas, TX early Friday the 29th.  We landed in Dallas around 6:30 AM, pretty much pulled an all nighter due to the time change but who needs sleep anyways. Archer was so good for his first time flying.  He slept the whole way, he never fussed a bit!

Before we boarded the plane T had Arch in his carrier on T’s front.  He had felt something warm and come to find out Archer had exploded out his diaper and peed… which ended up all on the front of T.  We had already checked in our luggage and in the carry on I didn’t pack T an extra shirt… oops!  Luckily it wasn’t too noticeable and Arch had some extra pajamas to change into!

We landed, got our rental car and met some Beaver people (who know live in TX) for some good breakfast at Crackle Barrel.  It was nice to see some familiar faces and to talk for a bit before we headed on our longgg 6.5 hour drive!  Before we headed out we went and saw the Trinity Bridge & River in Dallas.  It was pretty neat and I loved the city!  I wish we would have had more time to explore but I am sure we will be back!

We started to head towards NM.  The drive was long because T and I kept having to switch drivers since we both were so tired.  It was such a pretty drive but we knew we would spend more time coming back so we went fast to get there.  Before we reached NM we got into a pretty wicked storm.  It only lasted a bit but was full of lighting and thunder.

We finally reached Clovis and we met them for dinner.  We were so excited to see them and to have them meet Arch.  We went back to their house and fell right asleep.

Saturday came and we just kinda hung out.  T and S decided they wanted to play darts so Aspen and I went into town and grabbed a dart board and I needed some diapers for Arch.  It was such a laid back trip but one we will always remember.  We fell in love with the state of Texas and even New Mexico we are even considering moving there! (Crazy, I know!) We just really loved everything about it.  The charm, the smallness but yet big towns, country feel, everything.  We hung out, cooked steaks, corn and squash and had way too many laughs.  We can hang out with them 24/7 and still always have something fun to talk about or do.

On the way home we spent our time and stopped to see some things and take some pictures.  I always love to film things while we are gone and make a small short movie to have.  We love filiming with our HTC RE.  If anyone is looking into a good small travel sized cam I recommend that one! Its waterproof (SCORE), and pretty much acts like a go pro.  We have used a gopro before and I like this one 100X better!  But anyways, our mini family vacay was SO much fun.  We sure have missed these two and their craziness.  I am so glad we can travel the world and see new things.  It is something T and I have discussed and want for our family.  We love getting on airplanes and road trips and we plan to always go on a vacation at least once a year.  I sure hope it passes down onto Archer.

Weekend Rewind || April 24-26

There is something about Thursday that I get all excited.. Thursday means Friday is the next day which means the weekend is here! This weekend we kind of celebrated our Mother’s Day. T will be gone for Mother’s Day for two weeks for AT so we decided have a little getaway.

We went to Salt Lake and shopped, ate good food and met up with our awesome friends. It’s so much better having friends with babies.  We can shop for our babies, talk about babies, and your somewhat on the same Scedhule with feedings, diaper changes, naps, etc.  I’ve already realized that it’s hard to be friends with people who aren’t having kids or don’t have kids because when you become a mom everything is about yor child. I hardly buy my self anything anymore, everything is for archer. 

Anyways, back to the weekend. We met up with Cameron, McKinnah & Kynzlee and went to gordmans to look at some baby clothes. I’ve heard good things about gordmans but I wasn’t too impressed with their selection. Afterwards, we went to Brazilian steakhouse. It was so yummy! We were suppose to go to the Payson temple open house but there wasn’t any tours available so we decided to bag it. 
We headed up to Salt Lake to babinski baby and I found archer the cutest, softest blanket! It’s an Aden & Anais bamboo blanket and he loves it. He’s never bonded with a blanket as much as this one. It was worth the heafty price  tag. Haha! You can’t go to Salt Lake without hitting up City Creek Mall. We walked through and talked, shipped, and had a great time.. 

We ended up staying at the Double Tree by Hilton and it was so nice inside! It was archers first time in Salt Lake & a hotel! We ordered pizza that night and just bonded as a little family! 
Sunday came and we were heading back home. We had to make our annual IKEA stop. T and I are kinda obsessed with ikea. Then we hit cabelas to buy archer some camo… And let’s be honest I really just wanted the fudge! Lol. After all those stops we headed south. 

Little getaways are always fun to go on. Even if it’s such hard work and takes time, we enjoy getting out. I was super bummed cause I wanted to go see the Salt Lake temple on Sunday, but it was too cold for archer so we bagged it this time.  

I love getting out with our little family. T and I love to travel places and I hope it rubs off on Archer someday. We have big traveling plans in the future & I can’t wait to take little Arch along with us. 

We are blessed. T has a great job that allows me to stay at home with Archer, and I’m actually considering going to get my bachelors next year after we decide if we’re moving, staying, or what. We just take each day at a time. We have time to settle down, buy a house and decide where to live. For now it’s nice to be able to one day decide we want to move across the country & not have any obligations.. We will see where life takes our family.

Washington, Hawaii… and big news????

I haven’t had much time to even sit down and blog this summer!  It has been full of adventures, big news, happy events, and super fun vacations!  Let me try to break this long blog post down and fill you with all the crazy info I have experienced this summer!

First came June, the first official month of summer!  T had to go to his annual summer training for the military which left me with two free weeks with nothing to do!  After some life events occurred and plane tickets got changed, my dad and I decided to take a trip that we have both been wanting to take for a very long time! We decided to go drive Highway 101 for 6 days!  It was SO much fun and a trip I will always remember taking with my dad! We started off by flying to Seattle, Washington!  We spend about 24 hours in Washington… we saw the space needle, and several of Washington’s “famous” spots!  We hit the highway and headed down the road we went!  It was a long couple of days but let me tell you, I had a blast!  I have never been to Washington, Oregon or Northern California!  So I crossed those off my 50 states to see list! (YAY!)  We hit Oregon somewhere between day 2 & 3 and saw several gorgeous beaches, turned on several curvy roads, and had a blast!  The beaches were incredible, the sights were so much fun and it was just an incredible time traveling down highway 101!  We finally hit Northern California, and it was NOTHING like Southern!  I have never been there before so I was a little shocked at just how different it was compared to what I have seen of California!  We finally ended our trip by arriving in San Francisco… which I got to mark off visiting that wonderful city off my bucket list and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge!  We spent two days in San Francisco, and saw the Full House “house” … except I was dissapointed because they had painted it purple!!  But all in all it was such a fantastic trip and I had a blast!  It’s funny how things fall apart so that better things can come together?  That is one thing I have learned this summer.. and everything that has happened has been for the best!  This trip was one for the books!

On to July, we spent the fourth of July up at Stadium of Fire (its a UT thing), seeing Carrie Underwood perform live with a group of friends!  It was such a fun time and Carrie Underwood is beyond amazing!  July brought some hot heat down to St. George, so staying inside was a must!  But once the end of July hit, we packed our bags and headed for Maui, Hawaii! … Aloha!  We had planned a trip to go see some friends get married, but just like I said earlier… things fall apart so things come together!  Ty and I still decided to pursue the trip since it was all paid for, and we just did our own thing which was so much fun!  We celebrated our big one year anniversary on July 26 and had an amazing time at a Luau!  It was both our first time going, so we spent our week relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, going on sunset cruises, playing in the water, and just enjoying this year of a roller coaster we have been on!  Hawaii was beyond amazing but it was so nice to return home to see our two little dogs, sleep in our own comfy bed, and make ourselves a nice, juicy steak on the BBQ!  When we returned home I was home for one night and then I headed up to Orem, UT to take my best friend wedding dress shopping!  I seriously love anything that has to do with weddings, so I was too excited to be able to go with her!  After a long, tiring day… she finally said yes to the dress!!  I also got to see my cute pregnant sister in law who is due with a baby girl Dec. 20, 2014 and my brother who I don’t get to see too often!  It was a terrific July because we received some news that we are SO thrilled about!! …..

Let me back up to May…. back in May we had been trying for a baby since T returned in March.  But with no luck, we had to go to our next option which was doing some fertility medicine.  We started the first round of fertility medicine in May and it was our time in June, but unfortunately during “the time” T was leaving to summer AT.. With no hope in the books we just waited for the next 35 days to roll around and to try again…  But before I can start the next round I have to take pregnancy tests, but I knew there was NO way we could have gotten pregnant… but what do I know!  We found out we are expecting baby #1 on March 2, 2015!!  Words cannot describe how happy we are!  We have gone to two appointments and heard our little babe’s heart beat for the first time last week, it was 170!  We are too excited and cannot wait to be parents!  The Dr. says everything looks healthy and perfect!  We are so blessed that our heavenly father is looking out for us and is trusting us to be parents to a little babe…  My side of the family is getting 3 grandchildren in 4 months!  My oldest brother is having a boy in November, then my middle brother is having a girl in Dec. and we are having one in March!  My parents are beyond thrilled!

…. so what will it be, a girl or a boy?  Only time will tell, but either way we are just hoping for a healthy pregnancy! …

Until next time, 

Finally some time…

Hey there, I feel like it has been months since I have blogged, I have sat down a million times to try to blog about the new stuff happening in our life but just haven’t had time.  I actually have 4 rough drafts because I start to type and then something comes up and I end up saving it and forgetting.  So here’s hoping I get through this post before pinterest catches my eye 😉

Lets try to sum up what has happened the last couple months, and it will be all over the place as I try to remember things we have done…..

April: April seriously flew by!  I started to work because I just needed something to do, I am working at a furniture store called passport and loving it… except I am now redecorating my house…again!  I know, I am horrible!  T got promoted in the Army, which was amazing news! I love being able to see him accomplish goals, and move forward in life!  We spent our weekends and evenings laying in the pool, or going to the lake!  We bought this huge raft with our friends Haley+Sean, and it seriously is so fun to just go and relax on the lake!  Next came Easter, we spent it in Beaver camping with T’s side of the family!  I love being able to go back home and see family, get out in the mountains, and get away from the city life for a bit!  I don’t know if I ever blogged about T wanting to take me to see the Hoover Dam last December, but we finally made it to the Hoover Dam!  I have wanted to see it for the longest time and every time we had a trip planned something happened and we couldn’t go!   We both had a day off so we packed up and hit the road!  It was such a neat experience, and totally left me speechless!  I recommend everyone to go check it out if you ever can, it is neat!  April treated us so good, we laughed, we cried, & we had a blast being together!

May:  May came and now May is almost over!  I cannot believe how fast it is coming to an end!  On a good note, we expanded our family by 4 paws!  We have been talking about getting another dog for a while now but we really didn’t think it was possible… but luck hit and we found the perfect little guy to add to the mix!  He is a purebred shih tzu and AKC registered.. which is awesome because we want to breed Oaklee and him.  We decided to name him Sir Oswald Mcpatterpaws, and we call him Ozzie, Ozzard, Ozz, for short!  He adds such spunk to the mix and we love him so much!  T is working at home depot and is getting off around 10 AM, (he goes in at 4 AM) so he really wanted another job to tied him over during the day because he got bored… so he got another job at this place called Reid Ashmen, it pays really good, the hours are awesome and he loves it so far!  We sold our couch and just bought a brand new sectional.. I cannot wait to get it in the house and get all my new decor here!  My old living room was turqoise, grey, black and white.  I changed it all up and now my colors are dark brown, tan, coral, yellow, blue and a hint of green.. I know it seems like a lot of colors but I found the cutest rug that ties it all in!  I cannot wait to get it here and get everything situated!  I also decided to get a new bedding set.. I found one on Zulily and fell in love!  It is a cute ruffled ivory one and is so so so girly but so cute! I added some accent pillows in a lovely coral color, and they look so good!  Life has been seriously crazy.  Pictures have taken my life over, this is why I am still awake at 2:30 AM… I got hired as a second shooter for my good friend Aimee Lee Photography!  I signed up for an awesome mentoring workshop in August, which I am stoked for!  I also booked my tickets to fly to Oregon June 16-25 with my good friend Haley!  She is having her bridal shower and wanted me to tag along!  I am so excited to be able to travel and see the world, I truly am blessed.  T has his summer training in WY during

 the same time that I am traveling to Oregon, so we will both be gone at the same time which is nice.  …… We also are heading to MAUI HAWAII in JULY!!! AH, I am so beyond, enthusiastically excited to go!  I have always wanted to go but never got the chance.  So when our good friends Haley+Sean said they were getting married there the SAME DAY T and I got married we decided we had to attend!  So we will be heading to Hawaii in July to celebrate the marriage of our good friends and our one year anniversary!  It is SO crazy how fast time has flown by! I also found out that I am going to be an aunt again!  I am happy to be able to be getting a new niece or nephew… Cannot wait until July to find out what Baby Davis #2 is!  We are now considering buying a new vehicle.  But T and I are having an little argument/war on what type of car to buy.  You see…. he wants to buy a jeep, but I on the other hand want to buy a “mom car” or a SUV.  I have my heart set on a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe… but again T wants a 4 door Jeep Rubicon!  So I guess we will see who wins this battle.. but I have a feeling it’s going to be him because I am starting to give in a little bit.
Time will tell…

with love, Shalyn