Why I chose not to give in || 

I’ve been thinking of this blog for a few weeks now.


When I first found out about our sweet boys cleft, I was mortified.. embarrassed… hurt. I told hardly anyone and those I did, I was beyond nervous for and it took me time to actually tell them.  I remember telling my husband that I wasn’t going to take him out anywhere.  He wasn’t going to be on social media, he wasn’t going to be laughed at by our cruel society.  I wanted to lock him up until his lip surgery because I wanted to keep him safe.  I was so scared to bring this precious baby boy into this worldwith the thought of how others would view me and him.  I was scared of being teased, scared of being judged. I was scared of showing him to the world.

But I was wrong.

The second I saw that precious face, I melted.  My heart felt so much love for him and in that moment I knew he came to me to help me through this life.  I cry just thinking about how lucky I am to be his mom.  The world stopped the moment they placed that 8 lb 11 oz baby onto my chest.  The tears flowed out my eyes, they flowed out Ty’s eyes and the spirit was so strong the day he came into the world.  I was blessed.

He has taught us so many life lessons that I will take into my daily life forever.  I use to always look at children or adults with unusual looks and or abnormalities and wonder what happened. But now I look at them and I think of how strong they are.  How they concurred life.  How they didn’t let people stomp on them.  Their parents are tough, they are tough, their siblings are tough. They are warriors.


Once Wilder arrived, it took me a few days to fully be on board.  I laughed, I cried, I experienced every single emotion in such a short period.  I finally got the nerve to announce his arrival to social media.  Not too many people knew of his complication.  We kept it a secret because we weren’t fully ready for the whole world to know about our special little boy.  When I finally announced and shared our story I turned my phone off for a few hours.  I was so scared of someone posting a rude comment, I was sick to my stomach.  When I turned it back on, I had several shares, likes, comments, messages.  Everyone was supportive & so kind.  In that moment- I wasn’t going to let his cleft define us.. it was not going to define him.  He was going to be shown to the world and we are going to document and show everyone the good, the bad, the ugly of this journey.  This is us.

IMG_6300I took this situation in my hands and I’ve made the best of it.  We document each day, each appointment and every aspect of this cleft life.  He’s miraculous and so strong.  He’s endured so much in his short two months of life then some children endure in 2 years.  He’s taught lessons, caused us so many smiles, and truly truly blessed us in more ways then one.  He is amazing.

Being a mom of a child with a complication can teach you many things.  Prayers are always the answer.  Friends don’t stay by your side.  Tears happen…daily.  You grow up, in more ways then one.  Learning to cope with the complication brings so much peace and relief.  You think of others everyday.  Little things that people do for you, mean the world.  You want to strangle those who take for granted their perfect pregnancies, or healthy babies.  You feel jealous and saddened when someone announces their perfect baby and wonder what yours would be like without the complication.  Your trusting your baby with a surgeon you barely know.


If you have a cleft baby- the NAM will be your best friend … or your worst enemy.  You will get weird looks, so prepare your come backs.  You will need burp clothes.  You cannot be hard on yourself if you can’t breastfeed.  You will worry, everyday.  You will grow to appreciate You will feel saddened when it’s almost time for their forever smile to appear.  You’ll have a cleft team that has around 9 doctors on it… and you’ll most likely forget who is who.  You will get excited when your child drinks from a straw.

Life can get messy. It can be hard, it can be wicked and it can suck.  This last week has been hard and I’ve felt so ungrateful and so saddened by some personal reasons but when I take a look at Wilder.. I realize none of that matters.  The fake friends don’t matter, the 10 hour weekly drives don’t matter, the messy house, hamper of laundry… it doesn’t matter.  My husband, my kids, my life matters.  My two boys are my life, they’ve both been the biggest blessing.  They matter.


In the end- you can let your situation define you, or you can define it.  Don’t let it take ahold of you, be an example.. be a friend… and take control of it.

During all these struggles my faith has grown and I have grown as a person.  It hasn’t been easy, it has been complete hell but I love my little boy & if you could give me the chance to change this outcome, I wouldn’t.  Because he is amazing in every way possible.. cleft & all.



Tink & Key ||

Tink & Key sent me the cutest little shirt for my cute boy, Archer.  I wanted to give a quick review on it just for all my readers out there.  I love instagram shops & I love shopping for my babe.  I don’t like to admit but I really hate Archer having the same clothes as all the boys his age.  Most stores carry Carters brand and not that I don’t purchase or have him wear Carters (because I do and they are SO cute.) I just like to have other options that are different for him.  Which in comes instagram shops.  I being a small business owner understand how it is hard to get your business up and moving let alone competition with 100 other businesses that sell the exact same thing as you!  I love to support them and help them because my business is a contribute to make money of my family.

Anyways, Tink & Key is a business on Facebook and I have to say that there shirts are TOO cute.  They sent me a tee in the mail and I had to put it on Archer ASAP because it really was so cute.  It fit awesome but still has room for him to grow more with it.  They shipped it to me super quick & the quality of fabric is super soft, which is something I want for my baby.  They have given my readers a code for 25% off your total order by using the code: SUMMERBLOG15

Make sure you go over and supper Tink & Key and order your babies some cute graphic tee shirts.  They have different slogans and are made for both girls+boys and even adults!  They also are selling some cute distressed jeans for your babes!  I for one am going to go order me a cute new shirt to wear and Archer some more shirts!  The shirt Archer is wearing is their “follow me.”

Shorties are from Monsters under my bed co
Moccs are from Tiny Baby Soles

Baby Food Making || Part II •my favorite food items•

This is about the 4th time making Archers baby food but only the second time I have blogged about it.  Before I did mainly vegetables but I got the okay from my pedi to introduce all different types of food to Archer.  He is currently 5 months old, and eats like a champ. So far he has liked all types of food but his favorites are blueberries, pineapple, and green beans.

What you’ll need:
Vanilla Yogurt
Ice Cube Trays
Blender (I use magic bullet & baby bullet)

Step 1: gather supplies.  So today I decided to make pineapple, blueberries, mango, apples, peaches & pears.   I went shopping and I normally buy everything fresh but today all the pineapples weren’t ripe and they were out of blueberries.  I bought the canned pineapple chunks & frozen blueberries.

Step 2: Wash!  I wash all the fruits to make sure they are clean and then I peel them.  I peel the following fruits BEFORE I cook: Mango, pears & apples.

Step 3: So T and I saw this super cool thing on face book where you use a drill to peel your apples? Well we gave it a go and it worked SO good.  IT peeled those suckers so quick, we also did the pears and it worked perfect.  So I cut them up into little pieces and throw into a bot of boiling water, (separate pots.) I let them boil until tender.

……..In the meantime I start on the pineapple & blueberries.  I throw the bag of blueberries into the microwave for 2 minutes and open and drain the pineapple.  I use both a magic bullet and baby bullet (they are exactly the same honestly.) But by having two it allows T to do one and me to one which gets us done faster!  So the pineapple and blueberries are super soft and moist so I don’t have to add any formula or yogurt into them.  I puree them and then put into the ice cube tray.  ***Make sure to label your ice cube trays and write down what fruit is in what tray because they all tend to look the same colors and it is SO hard to tell apart after being frozen.**

Step 4: I get the pears and apples out and throw them into the bullets (one in each, not mixed) I add a little yogurt and formula to help liquify it more.  I puree and then put into the ice cube trays.

Step 5: I put the whole peach into a pan and boil it until soft, then I let cool and peel.

Step 6: So I have never had a mango before, weird I know.  But anyways, so T and I had NO idea how the heck to even peel one? So long story & several failed attempts we finally youtube it. HA!  Anyways, I wasn’t sure if I needed to cook the mango but I felt safer and better doing so.  I just popped it into the microwave and used the “Fresh Fruit” option on my microwave.  It went for about 2-3 minutes.  Then the mango didn’t need anything else and it pureed awesome!

Step 7: The peaches were the last to do, and I just added some yogurt and formula in with them.  I felt it was kind of a “peaches & cream” mixture!

Step  8: I leave on my counter until it all cools to room tempter then I put in the freezer!  After it has frozen ( I leave it in for overnight ) I put it into breast milk storage bags (because I have a million left over) and label it.

All in all I made about 6 weeks worth of food in about an hour.  It didn’t take long at all and was super easy.  I love knowing that I made Arch’s food homemade and that I know exactly what he is eating.  Some people will mix and freeze their fruits+vegetables but I choose to all mine separate.  Then when it comes time to eat, I just pop an apple, blueberry & strawberry into a bowl and microwave.  Then I always add rice or oatmeal cereal and yogurt.  He LOVES it.  This is his morning routine and he gobbles it down!   It works really well for me and I tend to make new food every other Sunday.  I do vegetables and fruits on separate Sundays.

Hope this helps you with your baby food making!!

Archers favorite recipes// 
•strawberry, blueberry, Apple mixed with cereal & yogurt 
•green beans & carrots 
•Apricots & yogurt 
•peaches & cream 
•yellow squash 
•pineapple & blueberries 

Homemade Baby Food || Part One

I knew before I got pregnant that I wanted to make Archer’s baby food from scratch.  I just feel its much healthier and better for babies.  Now that being said I have nothing against store bought baby food.  I feed Archer that when we are traveling, or at grandma+grandpas house.  I just think that it is like us as adults eating fast food every single day.. every single meal.  We sometimes need a break and need some healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables that doesn’t have preservatives in them.  Archer loves the homemade baby food!  He eats it much better and scarves it down.  I researched a lot into what foods to start first, when, etc.  Everything I found depends on YOU.  Some people choose to start their children on baby food at 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months.  I believe we, as mothers have whats called the mother institution.  Where you feel you know what is best for you child.  I decided to start baby food at 3 months.  Archer is big for his age, he holds his head up very well, he is always putting things in his mouth and eating 6-8 oz. every 3ish hours.  Some may not agree to this of me parenting my child this way, and if you do please just ignore the fact and move along.  I also read of different foods to introduce at different times, etc.  After much searching and talking I decided to just introduce the basics: apples, pears, bananas, green beans, peas, avocado, yellow squash and carrots.  Archer hasn’t tried all of these yet, but they are now made and frozen in the freezer.  I am doing one baby food for three days to make sure no allergies break out.  I am not going to combine foods yet until he has tried everything.  Lets get started- 
You will need:

  • blender, magic bullet, baby bullet, etc. 
  • fruits and/or vegetables 
  • measuring cup 
  • water
  • pot of boiling water
  • ice cube tray (I recommend two if your planning on making a big stash at once.) 
  • spoon
  • bowls

I had a gift card to Target (love that store.) that I had gotten for my baby shower.  I have been holding onto it until the time was right and it just so happened it was time.  I went and purchased a baby bullet.  If you don’t want to purchase one, you can use a blender or a magic bullet.  I really wanted one because I love their containers.  It makes it much easier, plus it included a recipe book that helped me get started.  There are also tons of accessories that you can buy along with this.  Like this, and this.  I am consider buying this recipe book.  

Anyways, I went grocery shopping.  I made the food above in two separate days.  The first day I started with pears, apples, bananas, avocado and green beans.  I got a big pot of hot water and got it to a boil.  I then used (2) pears and (2) apples and put inside.  I left them in there for a good 30 minutes until they were super soft.  In the mean time, I peeled and cut the banana and avocado.  I used just one of each.  I added a 1/4 cup of water in the bullet and purred them until they were soft.  I then used an ice cube tray and filled the avocado and banana mixture into the tray. (separate.) I put them in the freezer to freeze and started on the next foods. 

After the pears and apples were steamed/boiled, I peeled the skin off and sliced.  I started with the apples and I added about 1/4-1/2 cup of water and got them done and then did the same with the pears.  My banana and avocado wasn’t frozen yet so I used the magic bullet frozen ones and put those in.  I let those sit until frozen solid.  I brought them in the house and ran hot water on the bottom of the trays and they popped right out.  I had a million breast milk bags left over from pumping, so I used those and labeled what the food was and the date made.  I could fit about 5 ice cubes in one baggy.  I loaded them up and put them back in the freezer.  

I continued to do the same with all the foods I had.  I either boiled, microwaved or smashed up the food depending on what it was.  It was super easy and took me about an hour to finish them all. (not counting freezing time.) 

Archer loves his homemade baby food and I love knowing where it came from and what was put into it!  It was super easy to do and I will do it from here on out.  Hope this helped! 

Free items for soon to be moms

Babies are expensive, no doubt about it. When I first became pregnant I searched high and low for all the must have items & trends. Along the way I found some deals that scores you free items. You do have to pay shipping, but it is a lot cheaper then regular priced.

This is a code for a free car seat canopy. They are a life savor for every baby. Use coupon code “freecanopy14” at checkout. This coupon doesn’t expire. 
I never ordered me one of these but I’ve heard a lot of people love them. If you want to spend some money on a product and see how it works, test it out. Use code “freesling14” at checkout to get a free sling. 
I ordered one of these and they are smaller then a boppy (heads up.) I use it at my backup and travel one since its smaller.. This has been an essential item for me & if planning on nursing I would use coupon “freepillow14” and get yourself one! 
I have one of these because when I’m out and about I want to stay covered. I keep it in my diaper bag and it comes in handy here & there. Use coupon code: “freecover14” at checkout 
I orderd myself two of these belly button body, and I honestly hated them. They made me too hot, and they weren’t comfortable & added an extra layer. Some people love them, I didn’t .. But try for yourself “freeband14” 
Trendy, stylish leggings for free? Sure, why not. Use code “freeleggings14” for 5 free pairs! 
These ar shandy when your body is changing. I’ve woke up several times with with leak marks. I highly suggest ordering extra pairs, these are more comfy then then the disposal ones. Use code “bitmfree15” 
Make sure to sign up for gerber, similac, and all those important brands. They’ll send you samples & freebies in the mail when it becomes close to your due date! Free stuff always comes in handy & is always a plus when having a baby! 
Hope this helps! 
Xoxo, Shalyn 

Late nights & my must have newborn items….

I’m laying here rocking my 3 week old baby boy in my arms.  He finally fell asleep but I don’t want to move him to his bed incase he wakes up.  It’s been a rough day for the two of us, I ate Mexican food and its upset his stomach all night & day. He’s been awake a lot today and has fought going to sleep tonight & finally zonked out.. So im just going to rock him for a bit more & enjoy these precious, timeless moments.. But as I sit here I remember thinking back to when I first found out I was pregnant.. We had been trying for a couple months and were so happy to find a positive test. He is our biggest blessing in life.  I was clueless on what to buy, when to buy things, what not to waste my money on, etc.  Now I know everyone is different and its up to you on finding out exactly what works for your family, but I decided to share some of my must have items. (Note: I don’t know everything nor will all these items work for your kid. I’m just stating what I found out I loved & worked for me.) archer is only 3 weeks old and I’m sure in the next year I’ll find things I love and hate about every item, but hopefully I can help some new first time moms out there try to narrow down there baby registery.  Cause I know were all full of questions & concerns when it comes to our new bundle of joy!

List of my must have baby items: (no order.) 
Item #1: 4moms mamaroo 
Let me just say this thing is the best invention ever. Archer loves it and always falls right to sleep when he gets put in it.  It’s a little more spendy then a normal swing but I found I didn’t have to buy a bouncer because this kind of doubled as one. I highly recommend it, and they just realesed a new version (can control from your phone.) so the old version is marked down.. Score!! I didn’t end up buying the newborn insert (extra $30) and archer fit just fine in it without it.. It’s complex movements make it seem like he is in the car or being rocked, it makes getting laundry & house work done! 

Item #2: halo sleep bassinet 
The halo sleep bassinet is one of the best thought out products.. When 4 am rolls around, you’ll drag your tired body out of bed to walk across the room to pick up yor crying baby. With the halo sleep bassinet, it fits right up next to your bed and can even sit partially on your bed. It’s soooo stable and heavy that nothing can knock it over, and it swivels 360 degrees so it can swivel away or close to your bed side.  It has a vibration option, music options, night light and a Breast feeding option where an alarm goes off to wake you up if you’ve fallen asleep. It also has a side that can be pushed down to help getting the baby in and out, especially if your recovering from a C section!  Archer loves to be in tight places, so we’ve put our #3 favorite item inside the bassinet and he sleeps like an angel. It’s a bit pricey, but will last through all your children. 

Item #3: Summer snuggle nest 
This item wasn’t on my to buy list until after Archer came.  The first week being home he hated his bassinet, he likes to be in smaller places and liked being near T and I.  I slept a couple nights just cuddling him in the rocking chair but I went to Tj Maxx and saw this and scored it for $35!  We put it between us for a week and he slept like a dime. I could check on him easy, and we could watch him.  It has a night light and music that you can play. It also folds in half and latches shut so it’s so easy to travel with! We are always on the go so this will work awesome for grandmas house & motel rooms especially when we wont have room to pack the pack & play! It’s deff one of my “most used” items! 

Item #4: Aden & Anais Muslim swaddle blankets. 
With the hot weather down here, and archer already being a hot body I knew he wouldn’t last long with those thick, fleece blankets. I have about 15 of these & I use One everyday. They are large enough that I can swaddle him, and he can use them now & when he’s 2 years old.  They are light weight but warm enough to keep him warm. Plus they are super cute & after you wash them, super cuddly. I highly recommend them! 
Item #5: halo sleep swaddle sacks
I was given one of these from the hospital & it’s so good. Archer likes to kick His legs & stretch so this allows him to. Not to mention he has to have his arms out so this lets me swaddle his arms inside or out! 
Item #6: diaper genie 
This is the best invention to man kind.  It sits perfectly next to archers changing table & we use it every single day. It hides all those dirty diaper odors & doesn’t stink up my house at all.  Some of those diapers can get pretty stinky and this hides all smells way good! It’s a must have for any new mom! 

Item #7: chicco keyfit 30 car seat 

This carseAt has been amazing. It’s stylish, the fabric is soft and easy to clean, it clips into my suv SO easy and doesn’t make me work hard to change it from vehicle to vehicle. It’s easy to loosen & tighten the straps, and did I mention it’s just soooo cute? I’m obsessed with it to be honest.. AND it was rated #1 car seat in 2014.. What’s not more to love? 
I have it in the “legend” color. 

Item #7: jeep adventure jogging stroller 

I was all about getting a jogging stroller because I’ve just heard better things about them. However after trying out several strollers I just didn’t find one I liked. I wanted one that I could fold up easily because 75% of the time I’ll be alone. I also wanted one that my carseAt could fit into snug and tight. I looked at the Chicco jogger and I hated the way it folded up. It needed 4 hands to fold it. My neighbor mentioned the jeep brand so I took a chance and ordered it off amazon. It is amazing. It has real air tires which makes the ride for archer so much smoother, not to mention it fits almost any type of car seat (score.), it has a boom box thing where you can plug your phone into and listen to music out loud while walking (or jogging.) and it’s very affordable which is always nice for everyone! (Extra money for baby clothes.. Am I right?) we have taken our stroller already to several places and it never seems to fail,  I fall in love more and more each time I use it! It’s easy to fold, and put away, it has 2 cup holders and has good storage underneath. You can lock the front wheel if you want and you can adjust the handle to push it. 

 Item #8: happy baby wrap 
This item has also indeed saved my life. Archer loves to be held .. All.the.time and it’s the only way I can get anything done. I can wrap him up on my chest and he falls right to sleep. It’s so nice to be able to edit pictures, pay bills, do housework, etc. he absolutely loves it also! Even the husband can wrap them 😉 

Item #9: aveeno baby lotions 

I was all for those johnsons baby lotion, having archer smell like a fresh new little babe was gonna be the best. Until, I got him home, applied some and he broke out in a rash all over. So we figured out he was allergic to johnsons baby lotion. I swapped to aveeno and it’s been so much better for him. His skin is soft, and rash free since I swapped! It does make his skin a tad oily, so if your babe has dry skin,’I recommend aveeno! 

Item #10: 4moms infant baby bath 
I think the hardest item choice I had choosing was a baby bath. They have about a million different types that it was so hard to decide.  I spent countless hours researching and reading reviews (sounds silly, but when your pregnant & can’t sleep you entertain yourself.) I finally settled on the 4moms and couldn’t be happier!!  It’s nice because it drains the dirty water while clean water flows in & it has a temperate gauge which is handy for new parents!! It also will fit in a double sink & bath tub! There is an insert you can buy for newborns so they don’t wiggle and fall around. 
Check back for a post on what items I wasted money on buying, and when I started shopping for things, etc. 
Have a question? Feel free to contact me.

Can’t do a post without a picture of Archer baby… ♡ 

Xoxo, Shalyn 

28 weeks flown by!!

Cell phone post again-don’t mind the errors that will happen!

 How far along? 28 weeks+6 days
Total weight gain: I have a DR. App wed. But last week it was 5 lbs! 
Maternity clothes? Maternity jeans are my absolute favorite! 
Best moment this week: Grandpa Brett gave ATY his jeep adventure jogging stroller! We absolute LOVE it! 
Miss anything? Being comfortable, I haven’t been able to be comfy in a while & it sucks. 
Movement? He never stops moving, especially at 3 AM! He’s already a night owl like his mama … Dunno if that’s good or not 😉 
Food cravings: not really anything this week.  
Anything making you queasy or sick?: thank goodness no! 
Gender: BOY!
Labor signs: Just the same ole same ole cramps & Braxton hicks.  
Symptoms: Back Ache, migrains, heartburn, and stomach cramps! 
Belly button in or out? It’s still sticking in (I cannot wait for it to pop out!) 
Wedding rings on or off? On! 
Happy or moody most of the time: depends on the day,’I have my fair share of moody days when ATY doesn’t let me sleep much. 
Looking forward to: My due date 😉 I’m getting anxious to meet this babe. 
Shopping list?:  Mainly nursery decor items, but I’m waiting on the bedding to arrive so we can start getting his nursery complete! 

27 week bump date

*i am posting off my cell phone, so bewAre of errors!*

27 weeks already gone by? Holy cow! That’s only 91 days left till ATY makes his appearance… Yikes! I’m so excited, but yet so nervous at the same time!  This week has been the best.  My first nephew, Hunter was born Monday. We celebrated thanksgiving with the Yardleys on Wednesday, and with my family on Thursday.  We went up North Black Friday shopping thurs night & Friday and spent the rest the week in Beaver.  I am tuckered out & so glad to be home tonight! I enjoy spending time in Beaver but nothing beats your own comfortable bed.  Next week brings week 27, a doctor appointment & decorating for Christmas… YAY!!!!!

 How far along? 27 weeks 
Total weight gain: haven’t noticed any but I go to the doctor next week so I’ll find out! 
Maternity clothes? Yes, besides the sweater is from Maurices.
Best moment this week: my first nephew was born on Monday & boy is he a doll! We also had thanksgiving this week with both of our families & went Black Friday shopping and scored some awesome deals!!! 
Miss anything? Sleeping on my belly, and being able to be comfortable. I’m starting to get uncomfortable all the time. 
Movement: Wiggling & wiggling non stop!
Food cravings: tacos from del taco 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: not that I can remember, the first week that I haven’t puked 😉 
Gender: BOY!
Labor signs: I have been getting Braxton Hicks this week & they haven’t been fun! 
Symptoms: Back Ache, migrains, heartburn & stomach cramps! 
Belly button in or out? It’s still sticking in (I cannot wait for it to pop out!) 
Wedding rings on or off? On, thank goodness. 
Happy or moody most of the time: more moody. My body has been encountering a lot of changes and it hasn’t made me the happiest 😉 luckily Ty has put up with my onry butt & been a sweetheart (best husband ever!) 
Looking forward to: Setting up his MamaRoo we purchased on Black Friday tomorrow & getting up my Christmas decor this week!! 
Shopping list?:  Mainly nursery decor items, but I’m waiting on the bedding to arrive! Hopefully soon! 

His outfit he will be coming home from the hospital in! 😍 

24 week bump update

 How far along? 24 weeks+3 days
Total weight gain: none
Maternity clothes? Yes, the jeans are from the motherhood store & the sweater is from Target Maternity Section- SO comfy!
Stretch marks? None but I am getting the linea nigra
Best moment this week: Not throwing up a day ….. yet 😉
Miss anything? Being able to sit at my computer editing pictures all day long… now days I can only sit for about 1-2 hours before my back literally gives out & I have to go lay down.
Movement: He’s a little wiggle worm, but only when daddy falls asleep 🙂
Food cravings: Grilled Cheese, mac & cheese, Oranges & Popsicle’s!! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not yet, but hey the week ain’t over yet..
Gender: BOY!
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: Back Ache & Migrains
Belly button in or out? It’s still sticking in
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Mainly pretty happy this week, besides the fact that I was craving Golden Corral’s mac & cheese, and when we got there they weren’t serving it, that made me pretty moody 😉 
Looking forward to: Getting his nursery bedding here! I ordered it today & cannot wait to see it! 
Shopping list?:  Mainly just trying to wait until we get gifts from family+friends.

Are these not the cutest little things ever!!!

His cute Carseat canopy came & I LOVE it!!