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When I found out I was pregnant and started baby shopping I was amazed at how many new, modern products there were even though I just had Archer a year ago.  9 months went by and now that we are getting into a routine, I have some of my top favorite items that I use for him every single day.  I thought I would share with those of you who are in the market for your new babe or just want to see what there is available to you.  (These are all my honest opinions and feelings and none of these are sponsored items.)

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  1. Owlet Baby Monitor

We didn’t invest in one of these with my first baby but with our little cleftie, we decided we needed it.  They do run pricey at $250 but the calmness it brings is worth the price.  It monitors your babies heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts you when they are low.  It is a small sock that slips on your babies foot (alternating left and right) and will monitor it until you turn it off.  The only downfall, sometimes our babe will wiggle and the alert will go off which causes a huge panic to come on you.  BUT I would rather have a false alarm then no alarm at all so it works.Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.18.44 PM

2. Dock a Tot

The dock a tot has been a life saver to us every single night.  We put it inside his Halo Bassinet and it fits perfect and he is all snug all night.  The best part is, with all the traveling that we do and will be doing, its nice to take with us and it can go between us on a bed for a safe approach to co sleeping or we can put it on any surface right now and he sleeps just like he does at home.  They run a little pricey starting at $165 but to me has been a huge help with sleeping.  Our little guy sleeps about 6-8 hours once he gets all snuggled in.  They have 2 sizes for babies and then toddlers which makes transitioning easy from a crib to a bed, etc.   (make sure to click the link “dock a tot” above to snag $10 off yours!)

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3. Woombie Swaddles

I got a woombie from my local buy buy baby to just test out and I need to order a few more.  These are a easy approach to swaddling and a lot less the hassle.  With a two sided zipper to zip from the top or just the bottom (easy to change a diaper) our little guy stays asleep since he isn’t being unswaddled every diaper change.  It is a stretchy material so they can wiggle and move but will not break out of a swaddle and wake themselves up.  They have different styles and options to pick from (even one for hip dysplasia babies) so there are a lot of options to choose from.  They start at about $25 but are sold at other stores (and also amazon) so be sure to check all around before purchasing.

4. PUJ tubScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.16.48 PM

With our first baby, I bought a big plastic tub that takes up so much room and cannot be stored anywhere.  I did some research this baby and decided to buy the PUJ tub.  It is priced around $35 and is worth it.  It’s easy to fold up and store (fits under the sink or can hang on the back of the door), it is easy to travel with (again were always on the go) and can fit in any sink.  You cannot use this in an actual bath tub but for us it was better because he will be bathed in the sink while Archer is in the big tub until Wilder is old enough to sit up.  It is a soft foam material, and cradles the baby for comfort.  These are sold on several sites including amazon.

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5. MamaRoo 

I used this with my first baby and I didn’t need the newer version (hint to save money, find the older version) but this was such a game changer for both my boys.  It has several different settings on it and is able to adapt to real movements.  It has been a top product of mine for both boys and we use it daily.  They run about $250-

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6. Solly baby wrap 

I recently purchased a solly baby wrap and was so impressed.  I had used a different brand with my first and even a few times with Wilder but decided to buy another one so I had two on hand and boy do i love the solly!  I used this for 3 days in California and it was such a life saver.  He was snug and happy all day long, and didn’t get too hot either.  It makes it easy for you to help your toddler and still be hands free.  They run about $65.

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7. Moccasins 

I personally love the brand Tiny Baby Soles Moccs and Freshly Picked.  TBS runs cheaper for the same quality and is a smaller shop then FP.  I have the hardest time keeping socks on my babies and some shoes are even harder but I like to have their little toes protected.  These moccs come in all sizes and keep their feet protected and will stay on.  I recommend grabbing a few pairs in the 0 size because those will fit them when they are teeny tiny.  You can order cheap (china brand) off amazon but be prepared they will not fit your newborn baby which is when I personally love to put on moccs.  I just buy a few pairs that can go with several outfits and I feel better with their toes being protected.Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.30.15 PM

8. Beanies & Swaddles

I didn’t hardly put any beanies on Archer until he got older but Wilder has loved beanies.  I bought a few from Target and a few from small shops and I love the ones I got from my small shops the best.  My top favorite is KB Cute Designs.  I got a matching set with a beanie, swaddle and gown and holy cow.  It is the softest material and so stretchy! Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2.56.52 PM

9. Tubby Todd 

I discovered this brand of soaps, lotions, and more.  I was super stoked to try it and came to find out that I absolutely love it.  They smell good, and make sure that every ingredient is cleanly sourced, animal cruelty free and 100% natural which is something i love.  I love to know that my kids are being lathered in natural ingredients rather then harmful chemicals which is why i made the switch from johnsons to tubby toad.  My top 3 favorites are lavendar & rosmary wash and lotion and the all over ointment!

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10. Noxx Burp rags

We knew with Wilder he would have a lot of spit up due to his cleft lip so I made sure to stock up on burp rags.  My tops favorite are the ones I snagged from Noxx AZ.  They are a good size, and the softest material. The ones that are super rough rubs on his face and leaves marks so I love the super soft material.  Not to mention the prints are modern and adorable.

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11. Kickee Pants 

I grabbed Wilder some of these pajamas and I am going to stock up for both boys!  They are the softest material you have ever felt in your life.  I am not even joking.  The footie pjs also have the hand covers which is something I love!

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12. Milk Snob Carseat Cover

I have tried a few carseat covers and none compare to the quality of milk snob the best.  It has the perfect fit, perfect material and the perfect prints… it’s pretty perfect!  I actually have two covers that I switch between because I couldn’t decide.

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13. Jennifer Ann Custom Swaddle

One of my favorite items I have bought for both my boys is a custom name swaddle blanket.  I have a few with Archer’s name on it and the one from Jennifer Ann is by far the best quality.

Hope you enjoy, what are some of your favorite baby products?